Holy Yamuna Shila

# Sacred Stone Of

 Yamuna #

This is highly auspicious and powerful to confer glory, wisdom and happiness. An omen of purity, chastity and happiness.

The magical power of Holy Yamuna Shila which comes from a king sacred stone of yamuna is well known in India. It confers great beauty, happiness, good health, popularity and wisdom. Great ideas comes to him naturally and one becomes famous in his field.

A mysterious stone of the ancients to preserve as a precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss. Suppose to confer great power and political success.

It bless one with the power of Sacred Stone Of Yamuna. Abundant, fortune, reaches and great happiness comes to him easily in life. It blesses one with abundant fortune and good luck.











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