Jala Mani

#Water Stone#

Jala Mani Of Water Stone cures chronic diseases and avoid death. According to Garuda Purana it gives wisdom, victory and blessing of gods. Generally it is preserved as a crown gem in the kings treasure.

It bless one with the power of Water Dev. Abundant, fortune, reaches and great happiness comes to him easily in life.

This water stone is highly precious and virtuous to confer all kinds of wealth, power, position, greatness and good health. Suitable for ladies to have a happy and prosperous family life for all times to come. Rare and beautiful.

A mysterious stone of the ancients. Preserved as a precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. Best for wearing as a locket. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss.

Water Pearl gives intelligence, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty. Jalmani has water trapped within it. Contain the blessings of Apa & Apavatsha, two vedic gods. Good like Purn Kumbh. Great mystical power to create good happenings in life.

Shamans Voice: It used to always tok see in another blog, ingenious water jugak ni ... find the secret for many years ... Usually people use it as a medium bathing water profiles , for anti -aging and medical. Males and Females. Asbab pull household income and cool, damp warm aura of mystical items are hot, bring peace in the association and the owners themselves.










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