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One eye coconut, most prized treasure of Tantra. It is rare and very much effective. It helps a man earn wealth and prosperity. Generally coconuts have three eye. It occurs no more than one time within several millions of normal coconut. It is suppose to be the emblem of Devi who bless you every thing that you want. Among thosands of coconut one only one has one eye. A must for puja room. price on request only.

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Sribatsha in stone

Sribatsha in stone: The foot marks of Maha Laxmi with fifty favorable science from Ankusha to Chamara This is one of Navnidi that protects and bless your family members. A beautiful lotus engraved in stone in circles to foot marks of Maha Laxmi. A great sign of uncountable wealth.                                         Price, $125 or Rs5000.


Chamara :- Stunned with gems with the hairs of Himalayan Yak, to bless you to fulfill all your wishes.Lucky Gems Pedant for Bed

Pedant for Bed

Fit it to central part of you bed with screw given under the mattress. This type of bed rejuvenate the body and fulfils the ambition. This is used by our ancient Hindu kings to avoid bad dreams, sleeplessness, chronic health problem and mental anxiety. Price, RS.5,000/-OR 125$. 

Lucky Gems chair

Lucky Gems chair :- Kings of different cultures and tradition fix gems pedants in their chairs and thrones to have a rising carrier and to get victory over all obstacles and enemy. Price, RS.10,000/-OR 250$.

Vastu Kalash

Vastu Kalash:- It destroy all Vastu Dosha in a house or plot. They are five in numbers called Jaya, Nanda, Bhadra, Rikta and Purna. Jaya kalash should be  placed below one hand in the north west. Nanda similarly placed in the North East, Bhadra in the South East, Rikta in the South West and Purna in the Middle of the plot. As the name signifies Jaya gives victory over all obstacles, Nanda gives prosperity, Bhadra creates well behaved children, Rikta avoids emptiness in every aspects of life and Purna gives fruits of all works early in life.                           Price, RS.7.000/-OR 200$.

Asta Dala Stone

Asta Dala Stone :- A eight petal lotus engraved on a green stone. This should be placed over Vastu Kalash as the foundation stone. Price, RS.700/-OR 18$.

Panch Ratna amulet for your bed

Panch Ratna amulet for your bed: According to our ancient technology of Vastu, the central part of our bed should be covered with gold, silver and gems. This gives good health, wealth and success in life. Price $135 or Rs5000.

Panch Ratna Kalash

Panch Ratna Kalash: Our Hindu tradition is there, to put 5 kinds of gems in a Purna Kumbha for all ritual purpose. Panch Ratna Kalash bless you with all kinds of happiness and prosperity throught your life. Price $380 or Rs15000

 Gruhaklesha Nivararaka Purusha

To avoid regular family disturbance and quarrel. This pacify certain Vastu Dosa. Price, RS.2,000/-OR 50$.

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Bana Linga or Narmada Ling

 This is a highly polished stone found in Narmada river. An emblem of Lord Shiva placed on a metal pedestal to bless you.One among the eight kinds of wealth. Gives everything that you want. Price $70 or Rs3000. 

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