Water of Life

The consumption of aqueous metal bicarbonate solution, extends the maximum life span of mammals by at least twenty percent and increases the number of mature mammals alive at any time. This is one of the best prevention and cure of cancer. To get it contact us.



Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy: Urine is written in Rudrayamal Tantra  as nectar of god Siva. Urine is an age-old theory of curing diseases this is also called water of life. According to John W. Armstrong to resolve life threatening disease conditions, drink every drop of your urine neither eat nor drink any thing else until you are completely well. Serious cancer, massive infection and heart problem can be easily cured.  Now days, Urokinase present in Urine is used as a drug for unblocking coronary artery. According to Pliny, the elder Male urine cures gout, witness the fullers for instance, who for this reason, it is said, are never troubled with that disease. Every person's own urine is the best for his own case. 

For mad dog, and for the cure of stings inflicted by serpents urine is excellent. As to the bite of the scolopendra, the effects of urine are said to be quite marvelous--the person who has been injured has only to touch the crown of his head with a drop of his own urine, and he will experience an instantaneous cure.

Our own urine is a great medicine. Ancients used this to prolong the late span and to get a disease free healthy body and mind. Urine of many creatures like goat, cow, camel are medicine, but among them human urine is the king of medicine, the great elixir of life. According to Tantric texts collect the urine before sunrise i.e. (Brahma Muhurta). It should be collected in a Gold, Silver or Copper utensil to get best of results. Reject the first and last parts of urine. The results you get after using it is given below.

1. 1st month use – Cleans the body internally.
2. 2nd month use – Body becomes stronger.
3. 3rd month use – Starts cures diseases.
4. 4th month use – Middle phase of cure process.
5. 5th month use – Cures all general diseases and gets divine vision (Divya Dristi).
6. 6th month use – Because a Yogi with extreme intelligence.
7. 7th month use – Gives extreme strength physically.
8. 8th month use – Skin becomes highly bright like gold for ever.
9. 9th month use – Cures incurable diseases.
10. 10th month use – Body becomes radiant.
11. 11th month use – Cleans the body from internal dirt.
12. 12th month use – Body becomes radiant like Sun.
13. 2nd years of use – Gets control over earth element.
14. 3rd years of use – Get control over water element.
15. 4th years of use – Get control over fire element.
16. 5th years of use – Get control over air element.
17. 7th years of use – Get control over ego.
18. 8th years of use – Get control over super ego.
19. 9th years of use – Get control over life and death cycle.
20. 11th years of use – Gets power to visualize all the internal process of the organs.
21. 12th years of use – Get the lifespan like Sun and Moon. Nothing can destroy him.

Now we will the affects of urine mixed with chemical and biological components. In this process similarly collect the urine before sunrise and then mix it with different substances.
1. Urine + Guduchi churna → Cures all diseases within 6months.
2. Urine + Harida → Kills old age and diseases.
3. Urine + Purified red sulphur → Use it 3year and you will get lifespan Moon and Stars.
4. Urine + Stool → Use it 12years to remain young for ever and to get the lifespan of Sun and Moon.
5. Urine + Purified sulphur + Ash of mice (Avra Vasma) → Cures stomach cancer and all diseases of stomach.
6. Urine + Trifala churna + piper powder → Gets the blessings of Mahamaya.
7. To have better skin massage warm urine over the body.
8. Urine can be used as nasal drops for cryonic cold.
For serious problem i.e. patients nearing death should not eat a drink anything. They should consume every drop of their own urine or the urine of a healthy man to start the process. Urine as a Rasayana i.e. elixir can take with all the avoid or alchemical medicines to enhance their effects. Golden elixirs and mercurial elixirs give best of results when taken before taking morning urine.

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I don't thought there's another person know that urine is perfect medicine, I discover it when I was child may be 9yrs now I am 17 yrs old. when I was discover it I say to my self yes alas! I discover the fountain of youth. I used it in many ways I heal my wound easily Hmmm?? it can heal just in one day, unreliable and my body has incredible strength, and body my body is super extraordinary supernatural, so I'm thankful that I don't need to prove it in the public.

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