Trilobites meaning "three lobes" are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that form the class Trilobita. The fossil Trilobites are extinct arthropods that populated Palaeozoic seas from the Cambrian (540 million years ago) to the Permian (250 million years ago). More than 15,000 species have been described. The typical trilobite was a woodlouse-like sea-floor creature; some species sifted food particles from the mud, while others were active predators or scavengers.

The folklore Fossil trilobites are common throughout the world. In North America, the Pahvant people believed these little "water bugs" had medicinal properties if worn as a necklace. Many trilobite fossils have been found with small holes drilled into them to hold a thread. It was believed that these fossils could guard against anything from a sore throat to diphtheria � and even stray bullets during the days of the Wild West.

A trilobite called Calymene was so abundant in the limestone once quarried and mined around Dudley in the West Midlands that, until recently, it appeared on the town's coat-of-arms. It became known locally as the Dudley Bug or Dudley Insect and, during the 18th century, Dudley miners supplemented their incomes by selling these attractive fossils. Ute Indians of Utah used "trilobites in amulets and necklaces as a means of warding off evil spirits and to give protection in battle." This will give health, wealth and psychic power. To get one contact us.

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