Megha Mukta


Time Travel

# the past or future#

A schematic was originally hand-drawn - Flux Capacitance Time Travel Circuit (c) John Bajak 1990

         /         |
    +-------o  o----/\/\/\/---+------+-------+
    |        S1        |      |      |       |
    |               G1        |      |       \
 + ---                    +   |     ---    --/-> G2
  ----- B1                  -----   XXX P1   \
   ---                    C1-----   ---      |
  -----                       |      |       o
    |                         |      |        \  G3
    |                         |      |       o

B1 27 volt source
C1 1200 uF 50V electrolytic
P1 piezoelectric transducer (value uncritical)
S1 charging switch (SPST)
G1 25-ohm rheostat (future control)
G2,G3 switch (SPST) and 1M-ohm potentiometer for past control
(Transcriber's note: I don't know whether G1 and G2 are really supposed to be a rheostat and a potentiometer, or both rheostats, or both pots. He refers to two rheostats elsewhere, and I was just going to call them pots until I remembered that rheostats would have some inductance.)

Instructions for Use of Temporal Flux Generator:

With batteries installed,
Depress switch for 3 to 4 seconds,
Release for 3 to 4 seconds;
Repeat as necessary.


Point transducer output toward the person or thing you want changed.

That thing, such as a clock or piece of shelving, Will begin oscillating
between past and future.

Depending on which side of time you catch it on, depending also on the periods
of switch on/off, and direction pointed, _CREATES_ action, derived from
oscillating time.

DANGER! _Do_ _Not_ point at yourself For any appreciable amount of cycles.
DAMAGE to your time detection circuits may occur, Damaging your overall

You may in the course of activation, meet yourself. Do not panic; Be
reassured that if you know yourself, Only one of you will survive.

The generator is more powerful during Nighttime.

If directed toward yourself at night, do not be surprised if you cannot

However, try to sleep. The process of sleep reintegrates yourself. If at all
possible, "SLEEP!"

Daytime may bring observations of being darker than day usually is.

Direct Sunlight Radiation is good for burning off disintegration, But
communication of time travel existence Is an affect that others may not
believe or can comprehend.

Being with others has a balancing effect; So does poetry.

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