Thunder Stone

This is the stone of paranormal power. It enhances your Pineal gland. The power of thunder god is within it to save you from all dangers. All you have to do is to make a pedant of it.




Because of their pointed shapes, it was once believed that belemnites were cast down from the heavens during thunderstorms. This gave rise to their widely used name, thunderbolts. However, belemnites are also known by many other names in folklore.
In some regions of England belemnites are known as bullets, Devil's Fingers or Saint Peter's Fingers (Bassett 1982).
Belemnites were once believed to have medicinal qualities and were used as cures for both rheumatism and sore eyes in humans and horses. The treatment for horses involved crushing the fossils into a dust that would then be blown into the animals eyes.
They were also used to keep a person from being struck by lightning or bewitched by demons from the sky (Kennedy 1976).
Oakley (1974) described a belemnite that was found with a female skeleton in a Bronze Age burial site in Yorkshire - a testament to the cult status of these fossils among prehistoric humans.

In Scotland, the earliest mention of belemnites dates from 1703 where they are referred to as botstones (Martin 1703). They were used medicinally by some Scots to cure horses of the worms that caused distemper - the remedy was water that had been steeped in belemnites (Oakley 1974).
In Chinese folklore belemnites are known as Jien-shih or sword stones .
Scandinavian folklore regards belemnites as candles belonging to elves, gnomes and pixies. In some areas they are still called vateljus which in Swedish literally means gnomes' lights.
Objects resembling belemnites appear in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions symbolising the god, Min. According to Newberry (1910), fossil belemnites and certain arrowheads were cult-objects in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. They represented thunderbolts and by association, the deity Min.
Fragments of altered amber-coloured belemnites with fine perforations were found at a 20,000-year-old archaeological site known as Kostenki 17 on the Don river in Russia (Boriskovskii 1956). They may have been used as charms.
Belemnites are known by many different names in German folklore. Among these are Alpschoß (nightmare shot), Fingerstein (finger stone), Gespensterkerze (ghostly candle),and Katzenkegel (cat's skittle). Price 152$ (One piece pedant).

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Belemnite will give you protection from all dangers, health trouble and Paranormal attack. It saves your home from theft and natural calamities.


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