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Alternate History Buffs and conspiracy mavens are often drawn to the work and ideas of Nikola Tesla. I had only a hazy idea of Tesla’s accomplishments until I found a copy of Margaret Cheney’s biography of him in my local used book store (Tesla: Man Out of Time, published in 1981 in hardcover, released in 1993 in a paperback version and re-released in 2001). Tesla did his most productive work before 1900, but continued regaling the press with intimations of incredible inventions right into the late 1930s. He died in January of 1943, a frail old man of 87 whose inventions had truly changed the world, but without the recognition or the wealth that his contributions would seem to merit.

Tesla battled with Thomas Edison over the best method of electrifying the world, finally emerging victorious as his Alternating Current (AC) won out over Direct Current (DC). Tesla’s patents were sold to Westinghouse and his induction motor devices for generating power were on display at the 1893 Columbia Exhibition at the Chicago World’s Fair, where Tesla himself demonstrated some of his devices to the delight of onlookers. He later worked with Westinghouse to harness the power of Niagara Falls. His role in the development of our modern system of delivering electricity is fairly well acknowledged, but his fertile imagination and prodigious intellect produced many other inventions and only after his death did a court declare that Tesla was also the inventor of radio, the original "wireless" technology. He had battled that one out with Marconi, another inventor who was commercially much more successful but whose work merely built on what Tesla had already discovered.

I could not help but notice that Tesla’s life coincided with the life of Edgar Cayce (who died in 1945) whose life readings revealed much about the technology of Atlantis. According to Cayce, the power generator for Atlantis was a huge crystal that provided the power for vehicles that went over land, through the air, and under the ocean. This was certainly a wireless technology. Tesla thought one of his power towers could provide the power for vehicles and machines at a remote distance. Could Tesla, with his extreme sensitivity, have been getting messages across time from Atlantis, or could he have been a reincarnated Atleantean engineer? Or, as a writer named Arthur Mathews alleged, could he have been from the planet Venus? (Check out a film called The Man Who Fell to Earth starring David Bowie as a man who descends to earth to give humanity new technology.)

Tesla had shown some psychic ability, seeing the death of his mother in his mind before it happened. He had extremely acute hearing and great sensitivity to nature, detecting the resonance of the earth. He felt both the earth and the upper atmosphere could be conductors of power. He would have found ridiculous the notion that his ideas came from Atlantis and never was attracted to occult ideas. On the contrary, he worked at finding mechanical explanations for everything, even his own clairvoyance. Although he had the ability to “see” pictures in vivid detail, he maintained that these were always manifestations of things the viewer had actually seen somewhere. He would have rejected the idea that they came from the spirit world or from a memory of a previous lifetime. That has not stopped others from speculating about his extraordinary powers. It is possible, of course, that the only explanation needed is that Nikola Tesla was simply a whole lot smarter than most people.

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