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Spiritual explorers are increasingly looking to cyberspace to meet the needs of the soul. Many neopagans, occultists, and New Agers deem the technologies of cyberspace as fitting media for their magical experiments and rituals and view the Internet as a mystical plane of being. For some in this movement, which has roots in the counterculture of the sixties, both hallucinogenic drugs and computers help to demonstrate that reality is strictly a matter of our own perception and therefore can be manipulated and even created. However, this enthusiasm for the mystical potential of human technology is misplaced, illogical, and spiritually dangerous. It vainly attempts to build a spiritual reality on the faulty foundation of silicon, instead of on Jesus Christ.

Technoshamanism is a term used to describe various methods of integrating modern technology into shamanic practice (see shamanism). Methods of doing this include such diverse disciplines as synthetic drug use, modern psychotherapy, and raving.
Technoshamans generally embrace the view that mystical experiences are at least partially biological in nature; as such, they find the use of biological and mechanical means to influence and even induce mystical states and experiences perfectly acceptable. Technoshamanism is strongly related to the modern primitive movement.

Examples of specific technologies used in technoshamanism include sensory deprivation chambers, transcranial magnetic stimulation devices, neurofeedback machines, music, and synthetic drugs, and may one day include cybernetic technology.[1] These devices may be used in isolation or in conjunction with each other, in order to facilitate breakthrough or transcendent experiences or allow shamanic journeying.

In my view CyberShamanism (Technoshamanism) is the intelligent use of any material phenomena in order to influence the more subtle realms of existence. This includes low tech "devices" such as colored candles and cave wall painting at one end of the spectrum. At the other end of the spectrum the CyberShaman utilizes the most modern technology such as brain scanning bio feedback devices etc. CyberShamanism is also interested in studying modern terminology and concepts that are usually applied to computers and the internet and applying them to the inner world.

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