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When a Mantra is chanted according to the proper Tantra, the sound vibrations gather force from the Yantra and after reflecting from its surface spread out into the universe and reach the concerned God. These vibrations come into contact with the form of the God, gather divine powers and blessings from Him and return to the Sadhak (person chanting), thus instilling divinity into him and giving him power to achieve supernatural feats. Thus, to achieve totality of life three ingredients Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are essential because all three are supplements of each other.


Gems are the manifestation of cosmic light. Each gem has a special color that works as a prism to concentrate and focus light into one's body.



Vedic & Tantric products

All Our products are highly qualitative and natural in origin. We only sell natural things which are store house of magical properties. I.A.O is a 15 years old registered (REGD no:072) organization of Orissa, India for high repute for quality throught India. Thank you for buying.
Debiprasad Mishra, Director, I.A.O

Laghu Nariyal: This is the most favorite object of Mahalakshmi. This gives wealth where it is placed. Click here to purchase.

Black Horse Shoe:- Gives good luck in all ventures. Avoids all evil eye on house. Price $59 or Rs2000.

Trilouha Mudrika :- Made out of three base metals, Gold, Silver and Copper in certain composition. According to Tantrik Texts it gives victory over enemy, good health and prosperity. Price, RS.1500/-OR 40$.

Gorachana :- It is the gall stone Bezoar of Cow. It is called “Vashikarn”, as it enchants the people whom you meet. Even it drives away all the evil spirits from home. Click here to purchase.

Indrajal :- A type of sea weed. It breaks all the evil application of enemies and gives blessings and visions of goddesses. Price, Click here to purchase.

Mayajal :- Like Indrajal, a type of sea weed. Creates Maya or illusion which enchants and attracts public to your business or home. Click here to purchase.

Beesa Yantra :- This the most ancient of yantras found in temples and mosques. This protects one from dangers and gives total achievements and prosperity. Price, RS.1,000/-OR 25$. 

Srivatsha :- The foot mark of gods (here Laxmi) with all the 50 favorable sign from Ankusha to chamara. One of the Nav Nidihi (nine kinds of wealth) that protect bless and family members in every aspects of life. Even this sign is present in the chest of Hindu preserver god Vishnu. Price, RS.5,000/-OR 174$.
Sodosanga Dhupa (Incense with Sixteen Herbal Ingredients Called Dragon’s Breath): - Drives away all the evil spirits, demons, exorcist, cures epilepsy, mental diseases, fever, high blood pressure and other health disorders if regularly fumigated to gods or within the house. Sixteen components of this incense are highly potent herbal ingredients of Ayurveda. Price, RS.500/-OR 15$.
Hatha Jodi: This is otherwise called Vashikaran or hypnotizer. It hypnotizes the people whom you deal with, towards you. Click here to purchase.
Siyar Singi: This is the horn of jackal. This hypnotizes and destroys your enemies. A great TANTRIK object should be acquired as a treasure. Click here to purchase.

Hamsi Cowry: This cowry with Tantrik Herbs cures all diseases.
Price : U.S. $50.00 

Sinhee Cowry: It hypnotizes everybody that you meet in day to day life to give you easy success in a project or conference. Price: $70.

Panch Ratna Kalash: Our Hindu tradition is there, to put 5 kinds of gems in a Purna Kumbha for all ritual purpose. Panch Ratna Kalash bless you with all kinds of happiness and prosperity throught your life. Price $380 or Rs15000.

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Sri Ramana Maharshi

Fixing their minds on psychic centers such as the Sahasrara (the thousand petalled lotus Chakra), yogis remain any lengths of time without awareness of their bodies. As long as this state continues, they appear to be immersed in some kind of joy. But when the mind, which has become tranquil emerges and becomes active again it resumes its worldly thoughts. It is therefore necessary to train it with the help of practices like Dhyana (meditation) whenever it becomes externalized. It will then attain a state in which there is neither subsistence nor emergence.



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