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Syamantaka Mani


Syamantak Mani: It is a common belief that this jewel adorns the necklace of Lord Surya (the sun god). It is said to have a brilliant blue hue that instantaneously blinds the onlooker. If it is taken in darkness, it fills the ambience with day-like light. There is an interesting tale related to this jewel.

In the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Surya had presented the Syamantak Mani to his devotee Prasanjit as he was pleased by his devotion. Prasanjit visited the court of Lord Krishna wearing the jewel. All the courtiers were amazed by the brilliance of this jewel and said to Prasanjit that he did not deserve the jewel, so he should present it to none other than Lord Krishna. But Prasanjit could present the jewel to Lord Krishna and stealthily left the court. Later on, Prasanjit went to the forests on a hunting excursion and was killed by a lion. The lion took the jewel with it but was killed by Jambvant, the ursine aid of Lord Rama. Jambvant took the jewel to his cave and gave it to his children.

Back there in the kingdom, when Prasanjit did not return for many days, suspicious fingers began to point at Lord Krishna. So, Lord Krishna set out to search Prasanjit. Following the footmarks of Prasanjit, the lion and Jambvant, Lord Krishna reached the den of Jambvant and saw Jambvant's children playing with the jewel. As soon as Lord Krishna took the jewel in this possession, Jambvant also arrived there and a fierce duel followed between them. At last Jambvant recognized Lord and presented Him with his daughter Jambvati and also the jewel. Thus recovering the jewel Syamantak, Lord Krishna returned to Dwarka and washed the blemish. It is believed now that Lord Krishna himself wears the jewel Syamantak. To know more contact us.

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