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Shwetark Ganpati

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Shwetark Ganapati

Among Indian plants, Shwetark is an exceptional kind of a plant. Generally Arka plants, with purple colored flowers, are available everywhere and this kind of plant is utilized for medicinal purposes. But Swetarka plant, bearing white flowers is extremely rare. It is called white Madar (Shwetark). A person, who finds this type of Swetark, becomes the focus of adoration of Lord Shiva and Ganesh. Swetark means white Sun i.e. noon Sun. It is believed that when Sun is powerful as in noon, it is called Abhijeet Muhurta and no bad happening can happen at that time. Numerous great scriptures and mythological stories speak about buried treasures definitely lying there or nearby, where the white Madar plant grows. Poverty departs from the house where its roots survive. Thus this plant ushers in affluence. It is the protector and makes Immortals have mercy upon humankind. Therefore, the first task one should perform is to discover roots of a white Swetark plant. Lord Ganesh lives in its root. Sometimes this root is available in the form of Lord Ganesh. Hence this root should be venerated with immense faith, assuming that it is the idol of Lord Ganesh. Vermilion should be smeared all over it. It needs to be wrapped in red cloth and set in the place where one worships other divinities. Much has been written in its praise in umpteen great books. In brief, poverty, interference in growth, squabbles, disorder, curse, malevolent effect of evil spirits or sorcery are obliterated in the house where the Shwetark Ganpati subsists. Therefore man should worship Lord Ganesh by reciting the following Mantra - "Antarikshya Swaha". To get the natural form of Swetark Root of very old plant where Lord Ganesh is formed naturally. Swayambhu Swetark Ganapati is rare. We provide Swayambhu Swetark Ganapati to devotees.

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