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# Mind Power #

Stop for a moment and just think of the allness of God or Primal Cause with no beginning or end, with universal scope, and surround yourself in this. As you become faithful and worship this, and this alone, ONE GOD, ONE ALMIGHTY PRESENCE - you will find that the vibrations of your body will change from the human to the God or Primal vibration. As you think, live, move and become one with this vibration, you do worship; and what you worship, you idealize, you become."

Before you read further, I'd like to mention that the word "supernatural" may to some people seem to refer to something that goes against nature. Nothing could be further from truth. All abilities are developed in accord with natural laws. However, the natural laws do go beyond the world of Newtonian physics and move into the realm of quantum physics. These natural laws are laws of mind and spirit and these can and do over-ride the known laws of physics - as they relate to the physical dimension of experience.

It is said that humans only use around ten percent of their Mind Power. What about the remaining ninety percent? Imagine what would happen if you could access all of it; it would be amazing!
Although the source of esp and psychic powers is still a subject which mainstream science finds difficult to explain, it is generally agreed that people with these powers are able to use parts of their brain that others do not access. Our 'educational system' teaches us how to do everything else, but not the most important thing of all, which is how to use the power of your mind. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, it has been scientifically proved that you will start to experience things you never believed possible before! At last scientists can now prove what has been said by the ancient religions for many thousands of years. 'Reality is merely a product of your mind. You can change your reality by changing your mind...'

Can this really be done even without any previous training? Are psychic powers, esp, clairvoyancy, remote viewing, telepathy and manifesting really something anyone can learn how to do? All of these powers are inside the subconscious mind of everyone just waiting to be let out!

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