There are many system of occultism one can achieve the thing in multipleways, We should not argue with each other for our own method of occultism in a particular cult. Kundalini can rise from muladhara to sahasrara in vama marga, Daxina marga, yoga, alchemy, and ancient machines . In yoga you have to force kundalini to rise of but in Tantra rises of only through imazination. In Bhakti yoga, thinking of the higher self creates Samadhi or super consciousness and the kundalini rise of to merge in Brahma, the total consciousness. In alchemy, M-state of matter induces super conductivity in human cell and kundalini rises due to extreme, electrical phenomenon. Even some gemstone for the 9th lord of the horoscope activate kundalini , Similarly bathing in some holy water on a perticular day activates kundalini. In a dark chamber, due to excess secretion of melatonin for pineal gland kundalini awakens. Even a very small amount of electrical current is beneficial for human body and cures diseases, as it clears of the blockage in seven chakras.




Stonehenge: A group of standing stones on Salisbury Plain in southern England. Dating to c. 2000–1800 B.C., the megaliths are enclosed by a circular ditch and embankment that may date to c. 2800. The arrangement of the stones suggests that Stonehenge was used as a religious center and also as an astronomical observatory. since Stonehenge does contain some stones which are not local, though they come from Wales, not Ireland. Even so, the story need not have been passed on orally for millennia; the difference between the local sarcen stones and the intrusive ‘bluestones’ is obvious, so an observer at any period could have deduced that the latter were brought from elsewhere. According to some people these stones were brought from Africa by giants. its stones had healing powers, as water poured over them cured anyone who bathed in it. It is possible that the Druids inherited an oral tradition of the significance of Stonehenge and used it for sacred rituals involving sun worship. Others, like 20th century British astronomer, Sir Norman Lockyer, also saw Stonehenge as a temple, but a temple to the Sun. For him, its significance lay in  ancient Celtic festivals.

Previous research by Professor Wainwright and Professor Darvill, two of the country's most knowledgeable Stonehenge experts, has shown the Preseli Hills were a centre for ceremonial and burial in prehistoric times. They now believe that Stonehenge was initially built as a major healing centre, the prehistoric equivalent of Lourdes or Santiago de Compostela.

In their re-evaluation of Stonehenge's original purpose, they believe it is far more associated with water sources which traditionally were imbued with healing properties, than has been previously thought. In ancient, medieval and even later times, all over Britain and throughout continental Europe springs were identified with healing. Yet until now, the only water link to Stonehenge was that the monument was connected to the River Avon by a two-mile processional avenue.

Stonehenge may also have doubled as an important oracle, thus attracting even more pilgrims. The archaeologists believe that the great stone monument may have been a temple to the sun god, described by the BC classical historian Diodorus Siculus citing the fourth century BC Greek geographer, Hecataeus of Abdera, in a key 1st century classical source.

A classical legend associated with the Greek Oracle of Delphi may also be relevant to Stonehenge's past. The legend states that the oracle at Delphi functioned for only part of the year because, for three months around the winter solstice, the site's oracular deity (the sun god Apollo) went to the "land of the hyperboreans" (literally "the land of the people beyond the north wind!"), which is generally believed to be Britain. Significantly, Stonehenge is aligned with the winter as well as the summer solstice.

The bluestones are natural columns of white-spotted dolerite, found only in the Carn Menyn region of the Preseli Hills, in north Pembrokeshire, and it was from there, about 4,500 years ago, that Stonehenge's neolithic builders brought 80 of the stones the 160-mile journey from south-west Wales to Salisbury Plain. The reasons why they did so, archaeologists argue, hold the key to Stonehenge's existence.

Last year, BBC's Timewatch did a programme on Stonehenge showing evidence the stone circle was an ancient site for healing. Now Channel 4 is doing a Time Team Special called The Secrets of Stonehenge, which has a different theory - that Britain's most famous Neolithic monument was actually a ceremonial site for the remains of the dead, helping the departed pass into the afterlife

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The Tears of Lord Siva that are Rudraksha , are the original Vedic Beads of Power worn by the Yogis of India and the Himalayas for thousands of years to maintain health and to gain self empowerment and fearless life on their path to Enlightenment and Liberation.

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