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Many people believe they have spirit guides. Some refer to theirs as angels or guardians. Regardless, if you believe you have one, a spirit guide is there simply to guide, not as an entity that you need to give yourself over to. If a spirit guide has a negative influence on your behavior, then chances are good that it's not a spirit guide at all, but something else entirely. These are some of the more commonly found types of spirit guides.

These are guides often found by people who do energy work, such as Reiki. A ascended master who appears as a spirit guide is often a being that led a physical life and has moved on to a higher spiritual plane -- for example, Buddha, Krishna, even Jesus. Ascended masters usually work with collective groups of souls -- in other words, if you've got an ascended master hanging around you, you're not the only one he or she is helping. Their primary focus is that of helping all of humanity. It's not uncommon for an ascended master to have access to Akashic records. Also referred to as Master Teacher guides.

Being a Psychic Medium is not always easy, but it is often very rewarding. What most people do not understand is Spirits are everywhere. Many of my clients think of their loved ones as having gone to some far away and distant land, but this simply isn’t what Spirit has shown me to be truth. Hearing your own psychic guidance is less about “achievement” and more about finding out what blocks you and addressing or removing those issues from your life. It is truly a state of “being” rather than “achieving”.

Many of us now are feeling and recognizing the destructive patterns on our planet, and sensing the growth and change that is upon us! It has been said quite frequently that we cannot sustain a world that is so intensely fear-based. Fear brings division, while love brings unity. Do you feel called to make a difference? Do you know that you are here for a greater purpose? Do you feel that you have a mission, even if you are not exactly sure what it is yet? Do you know in your heart that you cannot sit still any longer, and let the world keep heading in the direction it is heading?

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