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Most paranormal researchers feel ghosts are made up of energy. And as energy they need electronically charged ions from the air as their fuel or food. These ions can be found in the air naturally and ionized air holds more energy. When a ghost is trying to manifest or move an object they need this electrostatic charged ions to give them the strength. It is widely believed that mirrors reflect this electromagnetic energy. At a haunted location when a ghost is trying to make contact with a paranormal investigator, the investigators batteries in their equipment will be drained of power. Some believe that some poeple can feel or sense this charged or changed energy in the air. Many researchers believe that by using an ion generator will help increase paranormal activity. This will help with a scientific investigation at any so called haunted location.

Many paranormal researchers feel that spirits vibrate at a higher frequency. Another theory is spirits move at a faster rate because they are in a lighter spirit form. Could video cameras offer us a effective way of exploring this very ancient technique of mirror gazing? And since many average video cameras take 6-8 pictures a second it might be possible for a video camera to capture images of spirits. We are researching into seeing these spirits by looking at each single frame of the video.

The technique of mirror gazing is a fairly simple one. All that you need to do is to stare into a mirror for a length of time, in the dark, or with a small candle lit for light. Any type of mirror may be used for scrying or gazing and the size is not important. The goal is a transition into an altered state of consciousness or heightened state of awareness. At first, when mirror gazing, the mirror may appear gray, then colors will come and go. After a period of time one should reach this altered state and then see the mirror turn smoky or blurry. At this time one would see images like silhouettes, or photographs, even crystal clear like a video.

Skeptics feel this is just merely arbitrary, random and meaningless like images found in the clouds in the sky. Or that the mirror's themselves have impurities or fault lines in them. They even claim that it's a play of light and shadow on our imagination.

Could this method of using a video camera on mirrors give the living a chance at a visual communication with spiritual world? Could mirrors give us a vision of the future or an omen? Watch the video and decide for yourself if it's paranormal or simply arbitrary.

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