Law Of Similarities

Law of similarities: It is now manifest that the occult properties in things are not from the nature of the Elements, but infused from above, hid from our senses, and scarce at last known by our reason, which indeed come from the Life, and the Spirit of the World, through the rays of the Stars: and can no otherwise but by experience, and conjecture be enquired into by us.

Wherefore, he that desires to enter upon this study must consider, that every thing moves, and turns it self to its like, and inclines that to it self with all its might, as well in property, viz. Occult virtue, as in quality, viz. Elementary virtue. Sometimes also in substance it self, as we see in Salt, for whatsoever hath long stood with Salt, becomes Salt: for every agent, when it hath begun to act, doth not attempt to make a thing inferior to it self, but as much as may be, like, and suitable [suitable] to it self. Which also we manifestly see in sensible Animals, in which the nutritive Virtue doth not change the meat into an Herb [herb], or a Plant, but turns it into sensible flesh. In what things therefore there is an excess of any quality, or property, as heat, cold, boldness, fear, sadness, anger, love, hatred, or any other passion, or Virtue; whether it be in them by nature, or sometimes also by art, or chance, as boldness in a harlot; these things do very much move, and provoke to such a quality, passion, or Virtue.

So Fire moves to Fire, and Water moves to Water, and be that is bold moves to boldness. And it is well known amongst Physicians [physicians], that brain helps the brain, and lungs, the lungs. So also it is said, that the right eye of a Frog helps the soreness of a mans right eye, and the left eye thereof helps the soreness of his left eye, if they be hanged about his neck in a Cloth of its natural Color: The like is reported of the eyes of a Crab. So the foot of a Tortoise helps them that have the Gout in their being applied thus, as foot to foot, hand to hand, right to right, left to left. After this manner they say, that any Animal that is barren cause another to be barren; and of the Animal, especially the Testicles, Matrix [womb], or Urine [urine]. So they report that a woman shall not conceive, if she drink the Urine [urine] of a Mule, or any thing steeped in it

According to Hennery Col. Agrippa similar things boost similar things.  Eating lever boosts your lever. Two magnets placed together boost each other and their magnetism does not fade.  Agrippa says the left eye of a frog worn as an amulets boots weak left eye of a human being.

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