Sex to God

Sex to God:  Love is a chemical phenomenon involving pheromones. Sex is a chemical phenomenon of hormonal exchange and fertilization. Sex is forbidden in many religion for spiritual practice. Do the spiritual leaders conquered sex. Have you never     observed that the mind is pulled towards and hypnotized by the very thing it is trying to avoid? The people who taught man to be against sex are fully responsible for making him so aware of sex. We think that by shutting his eyes, by ignoring it, sex will vanish. This is foolishness. If a man is a YOGIN, he does not enjoy sensual pleasures; while one who enjoys them cannot know YOGA. That is why the KAULA, a TANTRIC way, containing the essence of sexual enjoyment and YOGA, is superior to all paths. In the KAULA approach, sexual enjoyment turns into YOGA directly. What in conventional religion is considered sin becomes meritorious In Tantra both are uplifted to higher planes by concentrating on different physical part or neural plexus during love - play or sex. This has ability to cure serious diseases etc. Suppose you concentrate and visualize on your weak heart, kidney etc during intercourse and orgasm, to grow stronger. Then you will experience the miracle. While doing Japa if you concentrate on her breast or vegina, you will get the blessings of the goddess. The male worshipper has an attitude toward the woman which is different from that of an ordinary person performing the sexual act. The woman is transfigured into a living symbol and earthly manifestation of the Divine Mother of the Universe (PARA SHAKTI). Likewise, for the woman, man represents a vital embodiment of the Everlasting Male Principle (SHIVA). The sexual beatitude raised at the transcendental level of an extraordinary psychic experience with a spiritual character reflects, then, the ineffable happiness of a subtle cosmic nature, known in YOGA as ANANDA (i.e., cosmic beatitude) and in TANTRA as SAMARASA (i.e., the savor of equality). At the time of orgasm mind of both lovers attain Samadhi for a moment. This creates sexual pleasure. By sexual pleasure a common man attains the pleasure of Samadhi though for a moment. that's why marriage is one of the 16 Hindu Sanskaras. So sexual pleasure is Brahmananda. Stated with extreme simplicity, orgasm is an intensely beatific state of consciousness and canceling of ego, with profound harmonizing, relaxing and regenerative effects. If you want to retain the pleasure practice Kaula Tantra. To start it contact us.

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