about the ordinary miracles of building our pyramids or its architecture or any of the advanced knowledge our ancient Egyptians knew but I'll talk about the strange mysterious influences of these pyramids.
The modern scientists discovered that any pyramid fulfills the later 3 requirements:
1] Any pyramid built with the same aspect ratio between the peripheral and the height of our large Khofo's pyramid in Giza
2] 2 sides of the pyramids placed parallel to the geographical North and South (the magnetic also do well despite the little shift)
3] Pyramid made of non conducting material
will acquire the same properties of our great pyramid!!
But what is these influences and strange properties?!!
1)Oxidized coins and jewels after placed in the pyramid for some time become shining as if it is new!!
2)Used steel shaving razors become sharp again that single razor can be used from 50 to 200 times by placing it in the pyramid. For this reason some made pyramids with the same dimensions of the original pyramid ( on smale scale ), these pyramids made of plastic and sell it as razor sharping tool by putting 2 faces of that pyramid parallel to the magnetic North and South and put the razor inside also pointing to North and South !!
3)The Milk never be spoiled inside the pyramid, it just separates into layers and finally becomes yogurt !!!!
4)Meat and egg (I've to say again) never be spoiled just be dried .
5)Flowers live longer and finally dries and keep the same shape and color..
6)Plants grow faster than the ones outside the pyramid and also more healthy.
7)Turbid water becomes clear and pure after putting it in the pyramids for days.
8)Tooth pain, migraine even the rheumatic pains, all relieved after few sessions inside the pyramid. Its effect on the healing process is great and enhances the renewing process in wounds and damages. Some puts pyramids with the same properties near their seats and beds to bring them healthy rapidly.
9)Researches indicate that sitting inside the pyramid ( some make pyramids about 2 meters high to sit inside for healing or meditation ) makes the person comfort, very suitable for meditation and increase the sensitivity of abnormal psychic abilities like telepathy and so
10)Pyramid's water: this is whole section in itself as the water placed inside the pyramids differs greatly from our ordinary water not in its chemical composition but in its properties ( don't ask me from where it gets these properties..) .You can keep this water reserving its properties for 24 hours, lets see its properties:
a) Drinking from the pyramid's water makes you more healthy and active.
b)Putting it on wounds, burns or abscess or removed nails makes it heal more rapidly and naturally than the usual known treatments.
c)Irrigating plants with it make the plants grow faster and better the normal and also can rescue the near to death plants. Putting flowers in pyramid's water make flowers last fresh for longer time.
d)Washing the face with it brings youth to the skin.

Levitation may be the best explanation as to how the Great Pyramid at Giza was built, said DeSalvo. He noted that Bell Labs produced levitation effects in experiments in the 1980s, and that Arab legends about levitation date back to antiquity. As a historical side note, Napoleon reportedly visited the King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid and came out visibly shaken, never wishing to speak of it again, he recounted.

DeSalvo also detailed some of the work of researcher Joe Parr, who found that energy fields like a bubble can be measured around pyramids. Interestingly, Parr correlated the timing of the Great Pyramid's energy field with the 'Great Annihilator'-- a Gamma Ray emitter in the center of our galaxy. Could the Great Pyramid be a device to prevent extinction on Earth through its bubble?, DeSalvo pondered.


We would like to propose a group research project, which goal is the measuring different fields inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. We shall not study the Pyramid for new chambers, airshafts or diverse cavities. Our research team does hope to show that the Great Pyramid in fact is a resonator of the inerton field of the Earth. The main purpose of our project is the analysis and detailed classification of fields that imbue the interior of the Great Pyramid. In such a manner, our team would like to record radiations in the three major chambers, the Grand Gallery, the main passages and around the Great Pyramid. Namely, we plan to measure:

i) the total radiation in different points of the inside of the Pyramid and the outside (over a wide range of frequencies, by intensity, by the directions: East, West, North, South and also down and upwards);

ii) the electromagnetic component of the total radiation, i.e. the pure electromagnetic radiation (by frequencies, by intensity, by the directions);

iii) the inerton component of the total radiation, i.e., the inerton radiation (by frequencies, by intensity, by the directions).

(Let us remind the reader that in terms of the submicroscopic concept of the construction of nature the electromagnetic and inerton fields are treated as only two fundamental fields of Nature. The unification of the fields is reduced to the space net, or a quantum aether, that is simulated by special building blocks – superparticles [or cells, or balls].)

For conducting such a study of the Great Pyramid, we should produce an applicable instrument, with a special detecting piece whose heart is a pyroelectric chip. The threshold of radiation sensitivity of the detector is about 1 picoWatt. Moreover, we will use other techniques which have proven useful in measuring fields in scaled pyramids and composite buildings. Thus, our equipment will be capable of measuring the two said fields separately (the electromagnetic one – optical, thermal and radio-frequency ranges and independently of it – the pure inerton one) and their mixture in needed parts of local space. The instruments will show the distinction between continuous and pulse field flows. All our instruments function on a passive operating principle.

As an outcome, we will sketch the broad outlines of the fields' distribution. All the results obtained will be carefully treated and then be presented by way of a scientific report of the expedition on the web page of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association.

Some members of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association would add the research team as well. And we would like to think that the director of the Association Dr. John De Salvo could head the given project.

The peculiar, particular aspects of your physical world are dependent on your existence and focus within it. The physical universe does not contain physical objects of solidity, width, and depth, for example, to those whose existence is not within it.

Other kinds of consciousness coexist within the same "space" that your world inhabits. They do not perceive your physical objects, for their reality is composed of a different camouflage structure. You do not perceive them, and generally speaking they do not perceive you. This IS a general statement, however, for various points of your realities can and do coincide, so to speak. These points are not recognized as such, but they are points of what you would call double reality, containing great energy potential; coordinate points, indeed, where realities merge. There are main coordinate points, PURE mathematically, sources of fantastic energy, and subordinate coordinate points, vast in number.

There are four absolute coordinate points that intersect ALL realities. These coordinate points also act as channels through which energy flows, and as warps or invisble paths from one reality to another. They also act as transformers, and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous in your terms. Your space is filled with these subordinate points, and as you will see later, these are important in allowing you to transform thoughts and emotions into physical matter. When a thought or emotion attains a certain intensity, it automatically attracts the power of one of these subordinate points, and is therefore highly charged, and in one way magnified, though not in size.

These points impinge on what you call time as well as space. There are certain points in time and space, therefore, (again in your terms), that are more conducive to others, where both ideas and matter will be more highly charged. Practically speaking, this means that buildings will last longer; in your context, that ideas wedded to form will be relatively eternal. The pyramids, for example, are a case in point.

These coordinate points--absolute, main, or subordinate-- represent accumulations or traces of pure energy, MINUTE to an extreme if you are thinking in terms of size-- smaller than any particle of which your scientists know, for example, but composed of pure energy. And yet this energy must be activated. It is dormant until then-- and it cannot be activated physically.

Now: a few clues here that might help you, or mathematicians. There is an ever-so-minute alteration of gravity forces in the neighborhood of all of these points, even of the subordinate ones, and all of the so-called physical laws to some extent will be found to have a wavering effect in these neighborhoods. The subordinate points also serve in a way as supports, or structural intensifications within the unseen fabric of energy that forms all realities and manifestations. While they are traces or accumulations of pure energy, there is a great difference between the amount of energy available in the various subordinate points, and between the main and absolute points.

These are points, then, of concentrated energy. The subordinate points are far more common, and practically speaking, affect your daily concerns. There are better places than others to build houses or structures-- points where health and vitality are strengthened, where, other things being equal, plants will grow and flourish and where all beneficial conditions seem to meet.

Some people can sense these neighborhoods instinctively. They occur within certain angles made by coordinate points. The points obviously are not themselves physical-- that is, they are not visible, though they may be mathematically deduced. They are felt, however, as intensified energy.

In a given room, plants will grow more effectively in a particular area than in other areas, providing that both areas contain such necessary components as light. All of your space is permeated by these coordinate points, so that certain invisible angles are formed.

This is highly simplified, but some angles will be more "on the outskirts" than others, and will be less favorable for all conditions of growth and activity. In speaking of these angles we will treat them as three-dimensional, though they are of course multi-dimensional. Since the nature of these angles is not the main topic of my book, it is not possible to explain them thoroughly here. They will seem to be stronger during certain times than other times, though these differences have nothing to do with either the nature of the coordinate points or the nature of time. Other elements affect them, but we need not be concerned with these now.

The concentrated energy points are activated by emotional intensities that are well within your normal range. You own emotions or feelings will activate these coordinates whether you know of them or not. Greater energy will therefore be added to the original thought or feeling, and its projection into physical matter accelerated. Now this applies regardless of the nature of the feeling; only its intensity is involved here.

These points are like invisible power plants, in other words, activated when any emotional feeling or thought of sufficient intensity comes into contact. The points themselves intensify whatever activates them in a quite neutral manner.

This is highly simplified, but the subjective experience of any consciousness is automatically expressed as electromagnetic energy units. These exist "beneath" the range of physical matter. They are, if you prefer, incipient particles that have not yet emerged into matter.

These units are natural emanations from all kinds of consciousness. They are invisible fomations resulting from reaction to any kind of stimuli. They very seldom exist in isolation, but unite under certain laws. They change both their form and their pulsation. Their relative "duration" depends on the original intensity behind them-- that is, behind the original thought, emotion, stimuli, or reaction that brought them into being.

Again, highly simplified here, under certain conditions these coagulate into matter. These electromagnetic energy units of high enough intensity automatically activate the subordinate coordinate points of which I have spoken. They are, therefore, accelerated and propelled into matter far more quickly, in your terms, than units of lesser intensity. Molecules would appear as large as planets to these units. Atoms and molecules and planets and these electromagnetic energy units are simply different manifestations of the same principles that bring the units themselves into being. It is only your relative position, your focus within an apparent space and time, that makes this seem so unlikely.

Each thought or emotion therefore exists as an electromagnetic energy unit or as a combination of these under certain conditions, and often with the help of coordinate points, they emerge into the building blocks of physical matter.
Known Ayurvedic techniques of augmenting the energetic levels of water have been associated with the vibrations of particular oils, yet the likelihood is great that the granite box in the Great Pyramid’s upper chamber may have been used to energize not only the water within the body of the bather (during gestation or otherwise), but perhaps was employed as a system to energize water that could be transported and consumed elsewhere. The most advanced energetic water technologies will be fully addressed as unique discoveries have been made in association with ancient artifacts that include sacred Sanskrit symbolism, script and depictions of the Great Pyramid at Giza thousands of miles away. The ancient notion of making a temple of the body may in fact refer to the crystallization of the liquid body for the benefit of human DNA.



Secrets Of Pyramids

Secrets of Pyramids: Pyramids means Pyre of Fire at the mid point. This is the subtle fire explained by many alchemists. According to Russian research radar shows a huge ionic column reaching a few kilometers into the sky above the 44-meter Golden Section Pyramid. Even at –40° C regular water does not freeze inside the Pyramid. A radar shows a huge ionic column reaching a few kilometers into the sky above The 44-meter Golden Section Pyramid. Pyramid has powerful protective characteristics against lightning bolt hits. Golden Section Pyramid harmonizes space within its radius of influence. a Increase in crop productivity is there near such a pyramid. The qualitative structure of oil changes. Burning of any substance inside the Pyramid Of The Golden Section produces pleasant aromas. Slow aging processes by enhancing immune system. Increase vitality of cellular tissue, slow development of negative processes in living organisms. Even gold hanging at the mid point of pyramid transformed into Ormus, that is white powder coat is found over gold. Even copper pyramid made from copper wire spreads copper smell, that is copper is ionized. To get perfect Pyramid contact us or Email:info@occulttreasures.com

Russian Research:

This research was carried out by the Russian National Academy of Sciences which includes: the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Graphite Scientific Research Institute, and the Institute of Physics in Ukraine.

- Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Leukocyte composition of the blood increased). Also increased regeneration of tissues).
- Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield.
- Russian Military radar (locator) spotted an energy column rising several miles high in the sky above the 22m Lake Seliger pyramid. Several months after this pyramid was built, the Ozone layer improved in the atmosphere in Russia.
-Areas near the pyramids seem to have diminished seIsmic activity. Instead of one large powerful earthquake occurring, there are hundreds of tiny ones. Also violent weather seems to decrease in the area of the pyramids.
-Pyramid complex was built in an oil field in Southern Russia (Bashkiria). The oil became lighter (less viscous) by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased. These results were confirmed by (Gubkin) Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
-Newborns were given solutions that had been placed in the pyramid and their health indexes increased greatly.
-Experiments with about 5000 people in jails in Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared and behavior was much improved. This was attributed to the salt and pepper added to their food which had been placed beforehand in the Pyramid.
-The potency of pharmaceuticals increased with decreasing side effects.
- There is an increase in survival of cellular tissue infected by viruses and bacteria – The pyramids decrease the strength of various viruses and bacteria.
-When radioactive waste is placed inside the pyramids, there is a decrease in their level of radioactivity
-Spontaneous charging of capacitors (leyden jaw on top and energy source?)
-Changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and properties of semiconductors and carbon materials.
- Ordinary water does not freeze even at 40 degrees below zero and retains its properties for years.
-Synthesized diamonds turn out harder and purer.
It is interesting that the results seem to show that increasing the height of the pyramid increases the quality of the results.

* The Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

* Specific properties of medicines increase with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid (SRI of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

* Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield.

* Russian military radar detected an ion column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia.

* The pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid.

* The amount of radioactivity becomes less after exposure in the pyramid

Some interesting experiments are here

1. Prof. S. M. Klimenko and M.Dr. D. N. Nosik from Ivanovskii R&D Institute of Virology, Russian Acad. Med. Sci., have studied the pyramid field's effects on the antiviral activity of immunoglobulin. The object of investigation was venoglobulin – a human polyvalence immunoglobulin for the intravenous introducing, lyophilized. The study was conducted on a culture of diploid cells of fibroblasts of the person. They utilized the virus of encephalomyocarditis (EMC) of mice for the determination of antiviral activity of immunoglobulin. Antiviral activity of the drug was determined by its capacity to protect cells of the person from cytopatic impact of the virus. Venoglobulin was diluted pursuant to the operating instruction in distilled water up to the concentration 50 mg/ml. In this study, the drug was tested in two concentrations: 50 and 0.5 microg/ml. Then aliquots of venoglobulin in both concentrations were housed in the pyramid. Venoglobulin was deposited to cell-like cultures 24 hours prior to their contamination by the virus. It was found that venoglobulin in concentration 50 microg/ml considerably inhibited the breeding the virus, approximately three times. The antiviral effect was still maintained at further dilution of venoglobulin up to the concentrations 0.005 and 0.00005 microg/ml with consequent exposures in the pyramid. Antiviral activity of venoglobulin practically ceased to develop by these concentrations.

2. Prof. A. G. Antonov's team from Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology (the department of reanimation of pathology newborns) investigated the influence of 40%-s solution of glucose intravenously and distill water outwardly after exposing them in the pyramid. The patients were newborns with high-gravity pathologies. Then they compared the indices of instantaneous state (IIS), which mirror the state of sympatho-adrenal system of the patient. The data on 20 patients were analyzed. In all cases of applying of 40%-s solution of glucose in amount 1 ml the IIS essentially increased practically up to normal values even for the patients with very low initial values of IIS, close to zero point. It was the same after applying 1 ml of water, which stayed in the pyramid.

3. In the laboratory of Dr. N. B. Egorova at the Mechnikov R&D Institute, Russian Acad. Med. Sci., the impact of a field of the pyramid on living organisms was studied in respect to the reactivity of an organism to a taint. The study was conducted on a model taint of mice called by the exciter S.typhimurium, the strain 415. White underbred mice weighing 12 to 14 g were held in the pyramid miscellaneous time and with a different multiplicity. In some day, mice were infected in four 10-multiply increasing doses of S.tiphimurium, starting from 10 up to 104 microbial cells. The control was served with mice from the same crew, which was contaminated with the same doses of culture, but not held in the pyramid. It is authentically established that the survival rate of mice, after their exposure in the pyramid, considerably exceeds those in the control group of animal. At contamination by smaller doses, 60 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived, in control only 7 %. At contamination by large doses accordingly 30 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived and 3 % in control. The deduction: Stay of mice in the pyramid essentially promotes the heightening of their resistance to consequent contamination of S.tiphimurium. Therefore, it is possible to speak about a powerful immunomodulating influence of the pyramid on nonspecific reactivity of the organism of animal. An analogous pattern was observed with the mice introduced to different carcinogens. Mice in an experimental batch drank water that was held in the pyramid. Control animal drank customary water. Result: The odds of appearance of swellings for control animal has appeared more times, than for animal drinking water that stayed in the pyramid.

4. Prof. V. I. Kostikov and Dr. A. C. Katasonov from the R&D Institute "Graphite," Russian Ac. Sci., studied the effect of a field of a pyramid on the resistance of carbon materials. The subject of their study was pyrolytic carbon receivable by precipitation of products of a pyrolysis of methane on a graphitic substrate with temperature 2100 C. The measuring was conducted by the four-sounded method on direct current at normal conditions. The size of laminas was 25 mm x10 mm x 1mm, spacing interval between potential contacts was 3 mm. The ganging current was by density 1500 mA /cm2. Before putting in the pyramid the resistance came out to 5 to 7 microOhm*m. After a stay in the pyramid of a day, the resistance increased 2 times. These variations are abnormal for pyrocarbon. Even the neutron irradiation with the fluence ~1019 neutrons/m2 did not give a variation of more than 5 %. Besides they detected the decrease of the resistance of silicon of semiconducting purity from 105 to 104 Ohms*cm and loss of the high-temperature superconductivity by samples after the mentioned exposure in the pyramid.

5. A group of researchers from the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute, Moscow, examined the rate of action of a field of a pyramid on an electrical field in a lengthy aerial gap between a rod and plain when the gap was affected by an electric pulse of positive polarity with duration 250 and 2500 microsec. As a kernel system the aerial gap ROD-PLAIN with interelectrode spacing interval 5 m was utilized. The system under test was the same; however it included seven chunks of granite put on the plain. The weight of each chunk was 100 g and they formed a circle with diameter 1 m on the plain; the center of the circle distanced 0.5 m from the center of the plain. Before the experiment, the chunks were placed in the pyramid. 100 voltage pulses influenced the control system and the test one. The discharge voltage ranged up to 1400 kV. The pathways of discharges and the dots of defeat of the plain were logged. The results of trials, dots of defeat were plotted. It was authentically recorded that the amount of defeats in the kernel system exceeded five times their amount in the test system. The deduction: An outline of rocks that have stayed in the pyramid had powerful defensive properties from a defeat by electric discharge for the part of the plain, restricted this outline.

6. Researchers from the Scientifically Manufacturing Union "Gidrometpribor" (Russia), the director A. A. Golod, conducted a series of experiments associated with the pyramids.

a) Inside the pyramid were placed some plastic vessels with distilled water and the state of water was observed within three winter months. The water did not congeal, and saved all condition of fluids during all this time. The minimum temperature of air inside the pyramid was -38 C. The ganging of temperature of water inside a vessel showed that it corresponded to the temperature inside the pyramid (i.e. water did not congeal even when its temperature reached -38 C). Customary mineral water in plastic bottles behaved similarly also. When the vessel with water was shaken up or hit on it, crystallization inside the vessel started and the water quickly turned to ice.

b) Ring-type outlines from chunks of granite and crystal, which were under an exposure in the pyramid, have been circulated around Moscow and the Moscow region since the end of 1997. By the beginning of 1999, it has made about 40 such rings. Each ring contains from 50 up to 300 rocks with total weight from 20 to 200 kg. It is anticipated that the odds of an appearance of any epidemics will drop with each year that is well visible already in an example of the influenza in the last two winters. The younger the age, the more intense is the effect.

c) With the help of radiolocation setups working in the meter range and distanced on 30, 32 and 60 km from the pyramid, the Joint-stock company "R & D Institute TTR" (see below) conducted detections of space in the neighborhood of a vertical fulcrum of the pyramid. During the study the availability presumptively of a ionic formation by altitude up to 2000 m and width 500 m was revealed. This presumptively ionic pile permanently changed the altitude from 800 m up to 2000 m. With a sufficient confidence figure the circle of a diameter more than 300 km with heightened degree of ionization of air and with the center in a zone of the pyramid was detected. The facts of the break off of pieces of an ionized pile over the pyramid and its migration with an upward flow of the air also were noted. The pieces saved the configuration on large spacing intervals from the pyramid.

d) On the territory of one of a number of oil wells, a small pyramid was installed. In a few days after that the viscosity of the oil in the seams decreased by 30 %, the production rate of wells accordingly increased. Petroleum composition (amount of gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin) started to be altered. The fractional composition of oil was offset in the side of mild fractions. Experiments made with the participation of the Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas have affirmed those results.

e) Before sowing, seeds of agricultural cultures were held down in a pyramid from 1 to 5 days. Tens of thousands of hectares were sowed with more than 20 cultures. In all cases the increase of a crop was from 20 to 100 %; the sowings were not sick, a drought did not affect the crop. The amount of toxiferous matters in plants was decreased sharply. When an outline of small rocks that had stayed previously in a pyramid were placed around the crop, similar results were obtained.

Among other studies with less authentic results the following was noted. (a) The level of toxicity of any matters including toxic and poison matters, which had been under the exposure in a pyramid even short time decreased. (b) The level of radioactivity of matters held in a pyramid diminished. (c) The level of pathogenic of different albuminous formations (viruses, bacteria), that stayed in a pyramid is slashed. (d) In a range of the pyramid action, or in a range of subjects, which were held in a pyramid, the performance of any psychotropic influence upon people diminishes. (e) The rather reassuring data are obtained in case of applying standard solutions (glucose, isoosmotic solution, etc.) intravenously and outwardly at alcoholism and drug addiction even in the very much launched shapes.

7. Of special note is the study of pyramids conducted by Dr. Yuri Bogdanov, the Joint-stock Company "Scientific and Thechnological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication" (TTR), (Kharkiv, Ukraine). The Bogdanov's investigations were based on a special device called "Tesey" constructed by Dr. Bogdanov and his colleagues. Dr. Bogdanov participated in the choice of a place under the building of several big model pyramids in Russia. Then he conducted consequent examinations of the properties of each of the pyramids and effects, which originated in them and around them (see the previous point). One of the pyramids was built in the settlement Ramenskoe of the Moscow region. There a 12 m pyramid was constructed. With the help of "the effect of pyramids" it was possible in the domestic state farm "Ramenskoe" to augment productivity of wheat 4 times. Studies of changes of properties of matter were conducted there as well. It was revealed that the half-life of carbon was altered; the structure of salt patterns changed; the strength properties of concrete varied; the optical behavior of crystals under consideration changed. The studies of influence of the pyramid on animals showed the following: the physical endurance of rabbits and white rats was twice increased; the leukocytic composition of blood was altered.

In Blizhnii Bereznik, a town that is situated in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, a complex of pyramids was constructed by the order of the domestic administration. These helped clear water in a blow well from raised levels of strontium and heavy metals. This was successfully carried out. In Krasnogorskoe town situated near Moscow a pyramid for reducing elevated salinity of water was constructed as well. Many laboratory studies have been performed on medicinal preparations, fungi, etc. In Kyiv the properties of interaction of matter with the pyramid field patterns of different genesis were studied; the investigation included also the interplay of the field patterns with the consciousness of the person. The basic results of operations have been discussed on the Conference on Problems of Harmonization of Mankind held in Kyiv and been published.

I am thankful to Dr. Y. Bogdanov who placed at my disposal materials used in the writing this section.


Quantum Physics Background

It may sound rather strange, but having understood the reasons for such a considerable influence of the pyramid on a matter, we should turn to the inspection of the fundamental construction of Nature. A theoretical physicist who works tightly with condensed matter experimentalists understands that all the phenomena observed by his colleagues are caused by the microstructure of specimens studied. In other words, the phenomena should be contained – in more or less explicit form – in structural blocks of specimens. The blocks include atoms/molecules and special kinds of bonds between them.

Just the same takes place in quantum mechanics and generally in quantum physics; we may say that the phenomena which we study should reflect the properties of structural blocks of real space. A detailed analysis of the fundamentals of quantum physics carried out recently by the author has shown that a vague vacuum of quantum physics and an empty space of general relativity should make way for a single substrate. Indeed, the models of grand unification of all physical interactions based on experimental results allow the calculation of evolutions of three constants (electromagnetic a e-m, weak a w and strong a s as functions of distance r that parts interacting particles. All the constants come together at 10^{-28} cm, Figure 1.

Moreover, high-energy physics proposes an abstract "superparticle" whose different states are quarks, electron, muon, neutrino, and others. Thus taking into account these two facts, one may suggest that just those superparticles form a world substrate, which shares both discrete and continual properties. The substrate may be thought of as the degenerate space net. So, the space net is simulated as a tessellation of balls, or superparticles, or elementary cells, which are the primary blocks of Nature.

A local deformation of the space net, i.e., a stable change of the initial volume of a superparticle in the degenerate space net, is associated with the creation of a particle in it. Unstable deformations constitute spatial excitations, or quasi-particles, called "inertons." When the particle begins to move it experiences friction-striking superparticles. Owing to the interaction with coming superparticles, the particle emits and then absorbs elementary excitations, i.e. inertons. Once the particle is in motion between fluctuating superparticles, inertons migrate as typical quasi-particles, i.e., they carry bits of space deformation hopping from superparticle to superparticle by relay mechanism.

The particle oscillates along the trajectory, i.e., its velocity v changes periodically from v to zero along the particle's de Broglie wavelength l . With such motion, inertons, which accompany the moving particle, oscillate in the surrounding of the particle. Oscillations of a cloud of inertons are specified by amplitude L = l c/v where c is the velocity of light. Note that the value L indicates the cloud size distribution in the vicinity of the particle.

Thus, inertons surrounding a moving particle make up a substructure of the matter waves, which so far have only been treated in the framework of the wave probabilistic formalism and, therefore, any physical interpretation of the y -function has not been taken into account. Meanwhile experiments conducted by my colleagues and me provided rigorous support for the submicroscopic approach to quantum mechanics.

Summarizing we may infer that just the inerton field, a new physical field, whose carriers – inertons – make a substructure of the matter waves, generates the quantum mechanics formalism in the region from 10^{-28} cm to the atom size. The amplitude of particle's inerton cloud L limits the radius of action of the field of a particle. This also signifies that the same distance restricts the gravitational radius L of a particle since any piece of information about the particle cannot be found beyond the bounds of its inerton cloud. Thus, the dynamic inerton field becomes a real candidate for understanding the gravitation phenomenon and yet the research conducted denies an option of the existence of gravitons of general relativity without any doubt. The inerton field is capable also of accounting for macroscopic phenomena trespassing upon the range traditionally described by general relativity. This means that general relativity loses its monopole rights as the all-embracing theory: the static relativity should be replaced for a dynamic theory based on the inerton field that realizes the direct interaction between massive objects.

Inerton Waves of the Earth

In condensed media, the relationship between the parameters of atoms and their clouds of inertons shows that amplitude L of an atom's inerton cloud much exceeds the distance between neighbor atoms. This means that inerton clouds of atoms overlap and in such a way that additional interaction between a media's atoms is settled. In other words, when we treat any matter, we should take into account that it is embedded in another substrate, or a quantum aether, or the space net and that the interaction of atoms with the space net induce one more field (i.e. the inerton field) which together with the electromagnetic one connect all atoms of the matter studied.

In my recent research, the impact of inertons on the collective behavior of atoms in a solid has theoretically been treated and then experimentally approved in metal specimens. It has been derived that the force matrix W that determines three branches of acoustic vibrations in the crystal lattice consists of two components, W = V + U. Here, V is the conventional term caused by the elastic electromagnetic interaction of atoms in the crystal lattice and the second term, U, is originated from the overlapping of inerton clouds of adjacent atoms. Much probably U is very small. However, the availability of U means that an outside inerton field is able to influence the crystal lattice increasing amplitudes of vibrating atoms.

However, where can we take a source of the inerton field? A condensed medium and, in particular, our planet itself may be considered as a source of inertons. Actually, the motion of atoms of the Earth considered to be an ideal globe moving as a single unit apparently does not differ in principle from the motion of a free particle shortly described in the previous section. A macroscopic globe only contains inner structural bonds, which keep atoms in the globe. The bonds lead to the coherence of atoms – roughly speaking we may imagine that all atoms in the globe nailed to their positions. Deviations from coherence in the motion of atoms caused by thermal fluctuations and various mechanical, physical and chemical processes, produce excitation of the atoms and as a result, generation of acoustic waves takes place. Consequently, the corresponding excitation of inertons (inerton waves) accompanying the acoustic waves will appear as well. If the lifetime of a sound excitation happening in any place of the Earth lasts only 1 sec., the corresponding inerton wave will be able to round the terrestrial globe about ten times.

Two types of stationary inerton flows can be set off in the terrestrial globe. Their availability is associated with the motion of the Earth: 1) the orbital motion of the Earth around the Sun with the velocity v1 = 30 km/s and 2) the proper rotation; with this motion the velocity changes from zero in the center of the Earth to v2 =2 * pi * REarth / 24 hour = 462 m/s in the equator surface (here REarth is the radius of the Earth). In Figure 2, the point A is a source of a sound excitation and hence the source of an inerton wave as well. Two directions of spreading of the said flows assigned by the vectors of velocities v1 and v2 are shown in Figure 2.

Waves of any nature in principle can be amplified in a resonator. Therefore, using a resonator in the point A one can try to amplify inerton waves generated by the Earth. Strong waves can more easily be recorded experimentally. Let us consider characteristics which a resonator of inerton waves of the Earth should possess. As mentioned above, we can separate out two types of inerton waves propagating in the terrestrial globe: 1) radial waves propagation along the diameter (rather in antiparallel with the orbital velocity vector v1 of the Earth) and 2) tangential waves propagation over the surface zone of the Earth along the equatorial East-West line (i.e., rather against the vector of the rotational velocity v2 of the Earth on the equator). In the former case, the inerton wave front running along the diameter of the Earth travels in the cyclic period a distance Lrad = 4 * REarth. In the second case the inerton wave running around the Earth passes a distance Ltan = 2 * pi * REarth. (Here, for simplicity we neglect a constant factor at REarth that takes into account the geographic latitude of point A). From these two expressions, we obtain the relationship

Ltan / Lrad = pi / 2.

Apparently, this relation also characterizes the ratio between the wavelengths of the tangential and radial n-ths harmonics.

Let us assume that a material object is located in the globe surface far from its poles. The object has linear dimension a in the horizontal plane along the East-West line and h in the vertical direction, i.e.,

a / h = pi / 2,

the object should play the role of a resonator of inerton waves of the Earth since the object has a form similar to the Earth sphere (in the limit a, h << REarth). Figure 3 depicts:
a cross section of the terrestrial globe, the point A on the globe surface, lengths of two ways which the two distinguish inerton flows overcome per a circle and a resonator placed in the point A. The profile of the resonator has the form of an isosceles triangle which base and height are equal a and h respectively. Such a resonator is able to intensify inerton waves, which have wavelength a in the horizontal direction and h in the vertical one and may amplify their harmonics.
(Of course the proper rotation of the Earth moves the point A from the orbit line of the Earth, nevertheless, in the globe radial excitations are spontaneous and self-sustaining process.)

Pyramid's Field

As we have just seen, invisible inerton waves of the Earth always accompany any physical process that occurs on the Earth surface or inside of it. Because of that the Earth inerton field may be treated as an alternative to the aether wind which, speaking the language of physicists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Earth might experience in its motion through the world aether.

Apparently, just inerton waves increase inside Egyptian pyramids and their models since the pyramids are typical resonators of inerton waves, which are excited in the Earth. In fact, faces of the pyramids are oriented with a high degree of accuracy to the cardinal points of the compass. Besides, the ratio between the side of the square apyr and the height hpyr of a pyramid is very close to the value pi / 2. The equality is held for the Great Pyramid, apyr / hpyr = pi / 2, and this means that its shape corresponds to an optimal resonator. At all events, the profile of the Great Pyramid (along the East-West line) unambiguously points that it was built as a resonator of the best quality-factor. Moreover, the word pyramid itself indicates to its inner properties – the "inside fire" of the construction.

Figure 5 shows profiles (along the East-West line) of three possible shapes of pyramids: a sharp pyramid, the Great Pyramid and an obtuse pyramid. The first one that is shown in the Figure depicts those Russian ones which were described in the second section; the pyramid is characterized by the ratio a / h = 0.5. Since the value 0.5 is approximately three times less than the number pi / 2, we may suggest that parameters of such sharp pyramid are not able to keep the inerton waves inside the construction. The sharp pyramid plays rather the role of a radiator (but a sharp pyramid may function also as an antenna absorbing inerton radiation from outer space). We mentioned above that researchers from the company "Gidrometbribor" indeed fixed presumptively ionic formations over the sharp pyramid. To the contrary, an obtuse pyramid may rather function as a radiator that emits amplified inerton waves into the Earth surface. The Great Pyramid of Giza and the smaller pyramids should work the same as the resonator described in this article as the happy medium, i.e. do not intensively radiate up or down.


Unusual influence of the Great Pyramid on animate and inanimate objects of nature may be associated with a special field in the Pyramid. It turns out that the Great Pyramid may have been built as a resonator of that field. In my recent research, the field was called "inerton" since it arises from a submicroscopic quantum consideration of a moving elementary particle in the structure of real space in which the motion occurs. In essence, the inerton field is generated due to friction of a moving particle by the space treated as a quantum substrate, or aether. From the mathematical point of view the substrate may be simulated as a mathematical space that is densely packed by its building blocks - elastic cells. Any particle is also an element of the space. Then when we treat any material object, we should take into account that it is embedded in the space substrate that posses its own properties and is able to interact with massive objects. For instance, you may imagine a metallic framework, which is placed in a room filled with air. You know any vibration of the framework will immediately be passed to the air and the latter will vibrate as well; in its turn any vibrations of the air will excite the corresponding vibrations in the framework. The same happens with the moving Earth as long as it fits into the space substrate. Atoms of the Earth vibrate and interact with the space generating inerton waves both in the space substrate that contained the terrestrial globe and in the surrounding Earth. We may distinguish two constant flows of inerton waves of the Earth. The flows are caused by the proper rotation of our planet from the West to East and its motion along the orbit around the Sun. Paths passed by the fronts of these two flows are characterized by ratio pi/2. So an object whose dimensions satisfy ratio pi/2 and the orientation coincides with the quarters of the world to be a resonator of inerton waves of the Earth. Using the scanning electron microscope, we studied changes in the surface of metal specimens, which stayed in a small resonator for some time. The fine structure of specimens stayed in the resonator were smoothed noticeably. Thus the presence of inerton field in the small resonator was proved experimentally. Besides the inerton field manifested itself also in other experiments. In particular, it makes clusterization of hydrogen atoms in the KIO3*HIO3 crystal, affords the anomalous photoelectric effect both in rare gases and the surface of metal, etc. In such a manner, the existence of the inerton field may be taken as proved. And this means that general relativity loses its monopole rights of the all-embracing theory: the static relativity should be replaced for a dynamic theory based on the inerton field that realizes the direct interaction between massive objects.

Summarizing we may infer that the inerton field, a new physical field, which as fundamental as the electromagnetic one may well have been known by the architects of the Great Pyramid. They built the Great Pyramid as the House that was saturated with inerton waves.

The Hardys once took a gold coin and hung at the King’s Chamber level of a Great Pyramid scale replica. After some time the gold coin got a clear "oil" on it and the gold was etched away under the drops of oil. Another pyramid experimenter replicated the Hardy’s experiment. Joshua Gulick suggests that the pyramid is the alchemists "secret fire". He says that he has used this secret fire to dissolve metallic gold into the alchemical/m-state oil of gold and that this oil of gold dried into, first a white powder, then a red powder. These products of gold are well described in the alchemical literature as steps toward the Philosopher’s Stone.

"The big secret of alchemy is what’s known as the ’secret fire,’ something that can, over time, dissolve gold into a white powder. It is said that the whole process is completed by this ’fire’ without human interaction. It is also said that the process is ’child’s play,’ and it is. The secret fire which dissolves gold is an energy emitted by a pyramid shape. Not very surprisingly, the word ’pyramid’ is translated as ’fire in the middle.’ As I am writing this, I have a one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin hanging in the middle of a pyramid that I made from eight five-foot sections of copper pipe which form a pyramidal frame. The coin is exuding a liquid which dries into a white powder. It is not condensation as the coin is at air temperature, and the humidity is low. I have cleaned the coin, and the liquid/powder reappears. This is not a normally reported property of gold, but it is quite consistent with the first step of the alchemical process, obscurely related in the texts I have studied."

Orion Infrasound Pyramid at Resonance

The limestone blocks of the Orion pyramids consist of mostly calcite mineral, whose structure can be triangular and octahedral in various forms. Each of the Giza pyramids is apparently designed as the top half of an octahedron, monumental formations of calcite. The angular mathematics of the Orion pyramidal design will be addressed shortly, but their limestone blocks contain information regarding the construction methods of the pyramid builders.

Research of J. Davidovits into ancient geopolymers has demonstrated through chemical X-ray analysis that the casing stones of the Giza pyramids are synthetic, being of lower density than any quarried stone due to trapped air bubbles and consisting of 85-90% calcite with other exotic mineral constituents like opal CT, hydroxy-apatite and silico-aluminates. CAT-scan work on the core stones have recorded hairs deeply embedded in the matrix of the stone, another clue that the pyramid blocks were cast using liquid stone, though RC14 dating of hair samples contained in the stone have not been reported. This type of test could establish firm construction dates for the stones, though the likelihood of later facade reconstruction is strong. Corroborating evidence for the ancient use of advanced geopolymers comes from Mesopotamia, where the manufacture of basalt has been extensively documented. Note that the synthetic stones are of high piezoelectric crystalline content.

Diverse new technologies have incorporated fractal patterning for signal enhancement, data compression and encryption. Recent acoustic resonance experiments have illuminated a connection between the phi ratio and a nonlinear acoustic standing wave structure. Cervenka, Bednarik and Konicek at the Czech Technical University in Prague have modeled the structure of a nonlinear standing wave excited in a cylindrical resonator. Driven by periodic oscillations a resonant cavity can be stimulated to its fundamental resonant frequency producing both harmonics and subharmonics. When the standing wave is driven into high amplitude the nonlinear effects couple energy from low to high-frequency modes. This increase in harmonics can create a shockwave, diminishing the quality of the resonator dramatically. Multifrequency driving of the resonant cavity has been used to increase the energy storing. If the energy is coupled to lower frequencies, or subharmonics, less acoustic dissipation is observed allowing for a more efficient system. Bednarik describes Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis:

The interactions of acoustic waves at some fixed frequencies without the energy losses in the higher harmonics is of considerable interest in acoustics. Such interaction creates the possibility of direct transformation of coherent sound at the given frequency by sound of another frequency without an electro-magnetic energy source... For a region of three modes with given angular frequencies, if the sum of two of them is equal to the remaining one, the interactions of these modes can be obtained from the nonhomogenous Burgers equation for nonlinear standing waves.

The phi ratio describes the relative proportions of the three frequencies that stimulate the nonlinear standing wave and is also apparent in the modeled distribution of acoustic pressure along the resonant cavity which results. The coherent nonlinear structure was achieved through periodic stimulation of a medium of precise geometric boundaries designed to induce the interaction of three different resonant modes in the ratio of phi. This standing wave structure informs the phi geometry of the Orion pyramids, elucidated by the superimposition of the pattern onto a cross-section of the Great Pyramid taken along the North-South axis. The high-amplitude transduction of the piezoelectric limestone of the pyramids creates an electromagnetic field around the structures, the movement of electrons becoming toriodal or donut-shaped.

The base length of the Great Pyramid informs the fundamental resonant tone created by the structures. Each base side of the pyramids has roughly been calculated at 760’, creating a fundamental frequency of about 1.5 hz when the pyramids are stimulated into high amplitude. The periodic pulsation of the pyramids operating at resonance creates a Fibonacci standing waveset centered on the 760’ wavelength bounded by the base of the pyramid. The angles of the standing waves exactly correspond to the slope of the pyramid’s faces: in the phi angle of 51.85 degrees. This baseline frequency of 1.5 hz has been described as the Tri-thalamic entrainment frequency shown to synchronize the pulsation of the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary gland into a unified functioning. This frequency is also the lowest frequency of Schumann Resonance, thus the function of the pyramids may indeed be to shift the fundamental frequency of the Earth down from its fluctuations near 7.3 hz to the tri-thalamic frequency of 1.5 hz.

This resonance structure is recognized as a solid-state global oscillator that functions in wavelengths of pure consciousness itself, entraining the human mind through redistribution and focusing of the global mind. Indigenous cultures across the globe recognize the Earth as a sentient being in itself, and as consciousness has a frequency that can be measured as the EEG, then the frequencies of Schumann Resonance can be understood as the vital pulse of Earth. Ancient wisdom passed on through the traditions of the Yaqui and Toltec cultures of present-day Mexico overtly describe the Earth’s emanations and the corresponding alignment of the emanations of humans, a notion described by modern science as the Frequency Following Response. The pineal gland contains microcrystalline calcite biomineralizations (Bacconier, Lang et al) that transduce frequencies of consciousness.

The internal chambers of the Great Pyramid are constructed of massive rose granite blocks cut with precise right angles and perfectly planed faces, brought from the nearest granite quarry in Aswan directly to the south. The surface of the stone is covered in a thin glaze of quartz, the main constituent of granite, which is typical of a stonecutting technique now known as thermal disaggregation. I. Watkins, Professor of Geosciences at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, has designed a "Solar powered focusing and directing apparatus for cutting, shaping, and polishing", U.S. Patent No. 4,611,857 (1986) for the thermal disaggregation of stone. The lightweight unit is a parabolic reflector that focuses only a few hundred watts of light into a 2mm point capable of melting granite at a 2mm depth upon each slowly repeated pass. The notes of Garcilaso de la Vega have described the findings of the Conquistadors upon arrival in the Andes, detailing the Incas’ large gold-covered parabolic stone bowls over 10’ in diameter which were destroyed and processed into ingots. Strong similarities exist between the polygonal stonemasonry of the Andes and the pre-Egyptian Giza region, specifically the common surface glazing of quartz and perfectly rendered complex geometries, suggesting an identical advanced solar technology was used in the complex stoneworks.

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Resonator of the Earth Inerton Waves

The amplification of vibrations of atoms of a test specimen in the resonator under the effect of the inerton field can apparently be considered as an analogy of the effect of ultrasound or microwaves sound. In fact, the total force matrix W of a crystal is formed by the two terms, V and U, having the same rights. As is generally known, the effect of destroying and crushing various structures and polishing surfaces is characteristic of ultrasound.

The goal of our experiment was the study of measure of changes in the non-uniformity surface of the specimen (its polish, finish or sharpening), which stayed in the resonator for some time.

The resonator was made of two identical rectangular plates of organic glass (transparent in the visible optical spectral band and with the dimensions of the plate 20 cm x 16.5 cm and the plate thickness 3 mm), which were sharpened and bonded together along one of the long sides. The angle of inclination of each of the plates with respect to the horizontal has made up 52 degrees. Therefore, in the section perpendicular to the line of bonding of the plates, the resonator had the shape of a triangle. The dimensions of the base of the triangle a = 20 cm and of the height h = 12.7 cm satisfy the relationship above, i.e., a / h = pi / 2. The resonator was placed on a polished wooden horizontal surface. No objects were found at a radial distance of about 70 cm from the resonator. The upper edge of the resonator (the line of the plates bonding) was oriented along the South-North line and, therefore, one plate faced the East and the other the West. A wooden support column 4.5 cm height, with the cross-section area 1 cm x 1 cm was placed in the center of the resonator and the specimen being tested was put on the column.

Our investigation was related with the cutting edge (point) of a razor blade, but before putting it into resonator, a small reference specimen was cut out of the blade. The blade was put on the column into the resonator so that the axis of the blade was oriented along the South-North line. The main action on the blade on the part of inerton waves was expected in the plane of the blade along the East-West line (this action amounts to a peculiar sharpening of the cutting edge) and the less intensive action – along vertical direction. We studied razor blades produced by four different companies. Investigation of the structure of the cutting edge point of the reference specimen and of the specimen subjected to the hypothetical inerton field was carried out by scanning electron microscope JSM-35 (Japan) operated in secondary electron mode under 25 kV accelerated Voltage. The exposure time lasted to 30 days.

We investigated razor blades of several companies. Fragments of the cutting edge of one of them (a "Gillette" blade) are presented for comparison in Figure 4, the reference and test specimens, micrographs a and b, respectively. Figure 4a shows that the fine structure well discernible on the reference specimen is substantially smoothed on the edge of the blade, which has stayed in the resonator for a month, Figure 4b. The morphologically more coarse structure is well preserved. (Note that pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. could not make any changes in the morphological structure of the test metal specimen separated from the reference one by 1.5 meters; the two parts of the specimen were found under the same atmospheric conditions.)

When the whole system was swung through 90 degrees, i.e., the planes of the resonator and the cutting edge of the blade are oriented to the North and South, then no distinctions are observed between the fine structure of the test and the reference specimens after the blade has stayed in the resonator for a month. This points to the fact that the continuous generation of inerton waves of the Earth along the Sourth-North direction is absent.

Inerton Waves, Modern Science and the Great Pyramid

Do inerton waves actually fill the interior of the Great Pyramid? Nobody knows the right answer. No research team or person has never studied the Great Pyramid for availability in it of inerton waves, especially since the correct notion of inerton waves was introduced in fundamental science only a year ago (see References below). Many physical societies such as the European Physical Society, the American Physical Society and others still ignore the existence of inerton waves in Nature. Physical societies and scientific foundations maintain experimental and pragmatic programs and support rather conventional projects, which aim at advantages or improvements of so called canonical fundamental concepts, theories, new approaches and methods developed in the context of recognized backgrounds. Many academicians are not able to perceive the discovery of inerton waves as the waves were derived within the the framework of a radically new methodology, which constructed the gravitation phenomenon, emerged from the developed submicroscopic quantum mechanics. In fact, would the academicians easily recognize the existence of inerton waves, which unambiguously deny gravitational waves of general relativity (deduced theoretically long before the quantum mechanics appearance)? Note that for the searching non-existent gravitational waves, which as though are radiated from distant stars, scientists have already allocated over 100 billions dollars. We enumerate here only some of the global projects: LIGO (USA), LISA (USA), VIRGO (France and Italy), EXPLORER (CERN), GEO 600 (Germany and Great Britain), TAMA 300 (Japan), ACIGA (Australia), etc.

Meanwhile, studying the Great Pyramid of Giza might bring about a major breakthrough in both fundamental science and the universal thinking of the human community. In fact, everyone knows about the Great Pyramid and admires the deep technological expertise of ancient builders. All of us will be pleased to learn about the knowledge of ancient architects. Consequently, if we would confirm once again our results this time inside the Great Pyramid, this will help to us to convince the non-believers. Namely, we will prove that the Great Pyramid is actually filled with inerton waves and hence one of its functions is to be a resonator of inerton waves, which are excited by the Earth in the world space net (or world aether, if you want). Thus, we will demonstrate that over 4,500 years ago people already possessed the knowledge, which we re-discover today. The proof will allow the immediate corollary that their knowledge about the submicroscopic construction of Nature much exceeded the attainments of modern official science. In such a manner, the Great Pyramid, House of Nature will give us a unique chance to launch radical changes in our views on the nature of things, advance the frontier of thorough knowledge and therefore will promote the regulation of links aimed at harmonious peaceful co-existence.

Water is not "purified" under a pyramid, as the claims say, however it is chemically altered. Water is a polar molecule. The hydrogen bond is what allows this change to occur.

The orgone energy produced by the pyramid polarizes, lines up, or somehow alters the hydrogen bond. This alters not only the taste of the water but some of it's chemical properties as well. Water that is "charged" with pyramid/orgone energy can pass on the energy to other things.

Watering plants with pyramid water will help them grow better. Some people drink pyramid water too. If you would like to made lots of pyramid water to drink, put a gallon or less of water under a large frame pyramid (6ft base) and leave it for an hour. Treating small amounts of water under a small or large pyramid, takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Sharpen razor blades: This sounds really strange, but it's true.

A dull razor blade is impregnated with water molecules. Now a pyramid creates a condition of microwave-dehydration (on non-living things), and removes the water from the steel. The moon cycles can affect results, as the moon cycles affect earth's magnetic field, and pyramid energy is related to magnetism (that's why you have to have the pyramid lined up to magnetic north.

The blade sharpens best when it is lined up east-west, and the pyramid north-south. The razor is put under the pyramid after each use. A cheap razor that lasts 5 good shaves will last 50 or more. I have heard reports of as high as 250 as well.

With the lunar cycles affecting the pyramid, sometimes one will get a poor shave one night. Don't end the experiment, it will pick up again the next day. Now this is not a totally alien process, it just speeds up natural ones. If you leave a razor for 2 months it will lose the water, and "sharpen" itself.

The pyramid does this over night. Pyramids will keep the blade sharp, but I think it takes a long time to sharpen a dull one. Try 2 weeks and see it it helps. It's best to start with a fresh blade and maintain it. Using good quality razors and pyramids together can help a razor last fast for many, many uses.

Another ancient wisdom tradition from Aboriginal Australia, perhaps the oldest surviving culture of humanity that stems back at least 70,000 years, describes the nature of unified consciousness as the Rainbow Snake: "Oneness is essence, purity, creativity, love, unlimited, unbounded energy. Many of the tribal stories refer to the Rainbow Snake which represents the weaving line of energy or consciousness that starts as total peace, changes vibration, and becomes color, sound, and form" (Morgan, "Mutant Message Down Under" p 149). Quantum biology and nonlinear acoustics now possess the tools to comprehend the seemingly abstract concepts of indigenous cosmovision in quantified terms. The octagonal structure of Earth’s consciousness is quantified in this work; the very shape of the collective unconscious to which sentient beings attune themselves. The Orion pyramids’ output likely induces a shift in the fundamental frequency of the Earth down to the lowest frequency of SR at 1.5 hz, allowing a parallel shift in the entrained human consciousness. Yaqui knowledge keepers precisely describe this shift in the alignment of the perception of man as an awareness of previously inaudible frequencies of infrasound:


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