Ruby or Padmarag

The ruby or chuni has many names in Sanskrit, some of them clearly showing that it was more valued as a gem by the Hindus than any other

The possession of a Padmaraga, or Burmese ruby, conferred perfect safety upon the owner, and as long as he owned this precious stone he could dwell without fear in the midst of enemies and was shielded from adverse fortune. Here the fortunate owner of a brilliant ruby is assured that he will live in peace and concord with all men, that neither his land nor his rank will be taken from him, and that he will be preserved from all perils. The stone would also guard his house, his fruit-trees, and his vineyards from injury by tempests. All the good effects were most surely secured if the ruby, set in ring, bracelet, or brooch, were worn on the left side.

The gorgeous ruby or manik, the favorite gem of Burma, where the finest specimens are found, is not only valued for its beauty, but is also believed to confer invulnerability. To attain this end, however, it is not thought to be sufficient to wear these stones in a ring or other piece of jewelry, but the stone must be inserted in the flesh, and thus become, so to speak, a part of its owner's body. Those who in this way bear about with them a ruby, confidently believe that they cannot be wounded by spear, sword, or gun. (Taw Sein Ko, communication from his "Burmese Necromancy"). To get this contact us.

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