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Remote Viewing

# The distance #

There are several doors of perception out there which you can only open and utilize to the fullest only when you remote view. When it comes to remote viewing practice, you don’t necessarily have to start as a teenager before you can remote view. Since it has been confirmed to be an ability that is found in every human, you can even start right now to harness and develop those psychic abilities of yours that have remained dormant up till now. With the right training and practices, you can actually bring these innate talents to good use in solving your daily problems and that of other people.

When it comes to the issue of remote viewing, it is a skill which its accuracy and existence is still in doubt as far as the scientific community is concerned. But most of all, it is a skill that has been confirmed to be difficult to learn. Even at this, it would interest you to know that a lot of people and organizations including the U.S. government have made use of this skill in solving several cases and other intelligence services strictly for military use.

If you are knowledgeable on most of the facts about remote viewing, you would have known by now that remote viewing is a kind of psychic dowsing where through your tapped psychic abilities, you are able to get a view of a given object, location or person, all with the use of your mind’s eye. In the case of astral projection, also called out of body experience is a situation where you are able to travel in the spirit form in order to get a view of a location, person or object. Based on this, the difference becomes glaring because in remote viewing, extrasensory perception comes into play while in astral projection some kind of spiritual traveling is involved.

In psychic research -- parapsychology -- it is said that minds are entangled to one another. In the book “Limitless Mind”, by Stephan Schwartz Ph.D., the author explores the relationship of quantum non-locality to what we see in remote viewing where psychic abilities are independent of space and time. Increasingly, target distance between a viewer and the thing he is looking at doesn’t degrade the ability.

Schwartz shows that it’s no harder to describe a building in Moscow than a building across the street from where you’re sitting. One can spend an entertaining afternoon in California describing the inside of Vladimir Putin's office in the Kremlin with great detail. Similarly, one could describe people hiding in a park across the street. Increasing the distance by thousands of times doesn’t interfere with psychic functioning. As well, those who are non-locally aware can describe with great accuracy events that are going to happen in the next few days just as easily as things that are happening contemporaneously.

To achieve a state of non-local awareness one has to find the internal 'on switch' that enables remote viewing. This was all understood 2,500 years ago. Patanjali (a Hindu sage), a hundred years before Christ, wrote that in order to see into the distance and see into the future you have to quiet the ripples in your brain waves. He said you could then see into the distance, see into the future, heal the sick, and diagnose illnesses; all of which are being done presently.

The teaching of remote viewing is principally giving people permission to do it. Society says it’s nonsense, there is no such thing. What the remote viewing teacher has to do is use his conviction to convince a person to suspend their disbelief, quiet their mind, and describe their mental impressions of whatever the remote viewing teacher is offering as a hidden target. People quickly learn to separate out their mental noise -- the memory, imagination and analysis -- from the information that’s surprising and unfamiliar looking in order to do remote viewing. People can learn to do this in an afternoon. And after that it’s all practice. Learning to do remote viewing is like riding a unicycle. It doesn’t make sense, and then someone will spend an hour with you and then off you go. It goes from impossible to easy.

Some uses of remote viewing skills. They are:

Keeping watch:

Through this skill, you can keep an eye on your loved ones. It could be your spouse driving down or your child riding to school on his or her bicycle. Through remote viewing you can watch out for them while at the same time being rest assured that they are okay.

Locating lost objects:

In a situation where you have lost an object, the best you can do is to locate same through remote viewing. You can look for your personal lost items or that of your loved ones. However, you should know that it takes lots of practice to be able to find what you are looking for since the level of your skill will go a long way to determine whether you can find what you are looking for or not.

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