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Quantum Physics

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Until a subatomic particle is observed by a conscious being, that particle exists in potentia everywhere and everywhen in the entire universe. Upon observation this smeared out particle collapses to a single point in space for the moment of conscious observation. String these moments together one after the other and you create the illusion of time and a physical reality.

Space only exists as a relationship between 2 or more points. Time only exists as a relationship between 2 or more moments. If space only comes into existence upon observation by a conscious being and the act of observation creates time by separating one moment from the next, isn't it safe to say that space and time don't exist outside of consciousness?

If space, time, matter, and energy are all dependent on consciousness to create the fabric of material illusion, is it really a stretch to say that consciousness can affect the particles making up this illusion? Is the illusion itself not subservient to the consciousness that creates it? Magic is simply the science of manipulating this malleable physical world through the use of will and consciousness.

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