Pyramids are the gift of Egyptian civilization to this world. They store life energy which Hindus  say Prana or Chinese say Chi. Pyramids demonstrates a fully developed grasp of mathematics, astronomy, geography, navigation, engineering, architecture etc. At the time of construction without a demonstrable period of learning of these sciences.

Each pyramid point a star or constellation. Three great Pyramids Khufu, Khafra, Menkaura represent Orion Pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash represent Saiph. Pyramid of Zawat represent Bellatrix. A circle with Pyramid height a radius is same as the length in it circumference as the length of the square perimeter of the Pyramids base i.e. squaring the circle.

Placing a Pyramid in your home rectifies the Vital Energy flowing in your house. It not only cures diseases, but also stabilizes financial conditions and fulfils desires. Due to its restoring property, it always preserves the peace and sanctity of a house.

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Crystal Pyramid Rectifies the wishing CHI and fulfills the desires
  Price : U.S. $ 50.00 
Gold Pyramid With Ruby Cures the Diseases Of The Heart and other incurable diseases.



  Price : U.S. $ 320.00
Emerald Pyramid: Emerald is the most precious and miraculous treasure of Egypt. It gives you miraculous effects relating to Achievements and Prosperity as described by "Emerald Tablets Of Herms" .
  Price : U.S. $ 255.00 
Herbal Pyramid: Used especially to Cure diseases Price : U.S. $ 48.00
Solidified mercury Pyramid: Cures Mental Ailments and gives prosperity Price: U.S. $ 106.00
Nine gems Pyramid: A portable manifestation of Real pyramid with treasures gives you abundant prosperity. Prices For This Product Depend On The Gemstones Used.
Egyptian Ankh: this also known as "The True Cross", the ancient Egyptian symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal Life.
Price : U.S. $ 42.00

Each of the above Pyramids is for a specific purpose.

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