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A paranormal technology

This is a Czechoslovakian scientist's invention based on the energy transmitted from life fields. Even though life fields were suspected to exist, it was not until the Russians developed the Kirlian photography process that we could actually observe these fields.

The secrets of the Psychotronic generator were discovered by Robert Pavilita. He began his search through the archives of Czech libraries for the fabled psychotronic devices, he found his information in old manuscripts that had not been researched for centuries. Pavilita found that by combining various metals and making them into a critical shape, he could manufacture devices, which would store Bio-energy for a specific purpose. He has even used specially treated wood.

30 Years of experimentation went on until the physics department decided to do some tests. An electric motor was set up with a free spinning device attached to it. Pavilita's generator was placed next to the motor. Pavilita focused his mental energy on his generator and the free spinning attachment on the motor slowed to a stand-still and started to spin backwards against the thrust of the motor as Pavilita continued to focus on his generator the university studied Pavilita and concluded after 2 years of test that an unknown form of energy was involved and that there was definitely no fraud involved.

This stored "PK" energy is not new. In 1921 July 30th edition of the British Medical magazine 'Lancet' it was reported that a Dr. Charles Russ showed the ophthalmic congress at Oxford an apparatus that coursed a solenoid to move by merely gazing at it. There have been many others since this, but it was left to Pavilita to commercialise the process for patents.

It was found that this psychotronic energy could be transferred from humans to inert materials such as paper, wood, silk, ect. This energy was clearly not electrostatic in nature because it works just as well under water.

The Czech Scientists believe that everyone has psychic abilities, but they are blocked by our belief system, so we are unaware of them. To evoke them we need a device such as a psychotronic generator. The generator that Pavilita built resembles ancient ritual artifacts. Displayed in museums around the world. If anyone can find pictures of these devices please contact me.

The method of making them work is to gaze at them. After several minutes sufficient charge is stored for the device to be able to perform usefully. One device when charged was used to pick up all sorts of non-magnetic objects the same way an electro-statically-charged device would, except it worked under water. Even more tests showed it worked in all conditions. Experiments were done with seeds; Psychotronic energy almost doubled the growth rate of the seeds in some experiments. The energy was also used to clear polluted water.

Tests showed that the energy actually changed the molecular structure of the water itself and spread the two by hydrogen atoms further apart. The energy dose not appear to originate from the brain or any one organ of the body, but the entire life-field itself. Tests with EEG machines found that people who were in the process of charging these machines showed an unusual brain-wave pattern. The only dominant physical effect noticed is that the charging process does not work so well when the person charging the device is tired.

The Psychotronic generator that was designed to power an electric motor required an initial "charge" of half an hour and then only a few minutes a day, apparently running continuously for 50 hours. Tests were done on living animals. Humans exposed to the directed energy of one of there generators would feel disorientated and nauseous. Snails withdrew into their shells when exposed to the energy. A doughnut shaped generator was found to kill flies placed inside it, instantly.

The critical thing to these devices is the shape and form. The smaller devices can collect and store personal P.K. energy. The larger ones appear to store some form of unknown cosmic energy. The scientists investigating these devices consider that a pyramid is a large cosmic Psychotronic generator. In an experiment a rectangular shaped Psychotronic device was used to pick iron fragments off a magnet, overcoming the magnetic force. Even in water!

The Czech Scientists believe that this energy might be the same force that allows Psychic healers to remove a person's health problems. Allow URI Geller to sprout beans in the palm of his hand and allow people like Nelya Mikhailova to move small objects at a distance by starring at them

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