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FLatest Mustika Pearls/Bezoar Stones Added to Our Collection--May 30, 2011
Wild-Boar Pearls; Tiger-Brow Pearls; Clam pearls; Wild-Cat Pearls; Eel Pearls; Buffalo Pearls;
Insect: Beetle Pearls; Gecko Pearls; Fossilized Scorpions; Tiger Pearls; Lizard Pearls; Centipede
Pearls; Fossilized Spider; Bamboo Pearls; Snake-Horns; Fish Pearls; Lion Pearls; Bird: Chuchak
Bird Pearls; Palm-Fruit Pearls; Dew Pearls; Areca-Nut Tree Pearls; Insect: Bees-Nest Pearls;
Fossilized Lobster; Fossilized Centipede; Fossilized Crab; Squirrel: Flying Squirrel; Snake: Cobra
Pearls; Snake Pearls; Fish: Gabus Pearls; Fish: Gurami Pearls; Insects: Fossilized Silk-Worms
Cocoon; Scorpion Pearls; Pidgeon Pearls; "Nener" Fish Pearls; Spider Pearls; Were-Horse
Pearls; Fossilized Hawk Talons; Fossilized Lizard-Horns; Fish: Golden-Carp Pearls; Thunderbolt
Pearls; Insect: Belilen Beetle Pearls; Zebra Pearls; Banana Tree Pearls; Snake: Python Pearls;
Chicken: Chemani Chicken Pearls; Fossilized Garlic; Insect: Fire-Fly Pearls; Cobra-Heart Pearls;
Civet-Cat Pearls; Agarwood Pearls; Lake Pearls; Anteater Pearls; Siluman White Tiger; Coffee
Pearls; Fossilized Walrus' Horns; Fossilized Pre-Historic Sea-Creature; Fossilized Leaf; Insect:
Fossilized Ants; Crow Pearls; Wild-Rabbit Pearls; Dugong Pearls; Crab Pearls; Rice Pearls;
Fossilized Fungus; Bararak Tree Pearls; Hawk Pearls; Fossilized Oyot-Mimang Root; Fossilized
Lizard's Head; Fossilized Maggots; Two-Tailed Lizard Pearls; "Nila" Fish Pearls; Jackfruit Pearls;
Naga-Tree Pearls; Fish: Catfish Pearls; Ginger Pearls; Bat: Flying Fox Pearls; Bat Pearls;
Fossilized Onion; Cermai Tree Pearls; Fossilized Coconuts; Bear Pearls; Minyak Bintang Pearls;
Sengkuling Tree Pearls; Bakao Tree Pearls; Setinggi-Api Pearls; Liwung Tree Pearls; Pancasanturi
Tree Pearls; Purnomo-Jiwo Tree Pearls; Otter Horns; Deer Pearls; Chameleon Pearls; Nagaraja
Snake Crown; Crocodile-Siluman Pearls; Fossilized Yam Root; Chempedak-Jackfruit Pearls;
Sea-Pearls; Ketepeng Tree Pearls; Jamblang Tree Pearls; Fossilized Leech; Tree-Snake Pearls;
Bamboo Wulung Pearls; Sacred-Site: Betok/Keris Stone; Truno Pearls; Keningar Tree Pearls;
Gesang Tree Pearls; Kelungsu Tree Pearls; Magnolia Pearls; Bamboo Apus Pearls; Kaswari-Laut
Bird Pearls; Fossilized Baby Cobras; Power-Spot Artifact: Sapu Jagad; Power-Spot Artifact:
Paku Bumi; Fossilized Bamboo (Huge); Tanjung Tree Pearls; Wild-Pomgrenate Pearls; Fossilized
Rhino Horns; Assorted Fruit/Flower: Flower Pearls; Wijayakusumo Pearls; Bojangkerek Pearls;
Rechohkayan Siluman Pearls; Bidojali Siluman Pearls; Giant Centipede Crown Pearls; Elephant
Horn; Water Pearls; Fossilized Rooster's Spurs; Insect's Nest Pearls; Sechang Tree Pearl;
Candle-Nut Tree Pearls; Python Pearls; Fish: Gabus Pearls; Tamarind Tree Pearls; Turtle Pearls;
Fossilized Baby Snake; Fossilized Pupa; Fairy Pearls; Spider Saliva Pearls; Cobra-Crown Pearls;
Fossilized Javanese Dragon's Head; Joyokusumo Pearls; Nagabumi Snake Pearls; Fossilized Tiger
Testicle Pearls; Cocoon Pearls; Salam Tree Pearls; Fossilized Turmeric Root; Fossilized Cactus;
Congklak Tree Pearls; Dipa Tree Pearls; Fossilized Srikaya Fruit; Breadfruit Pearls; Fossilized
Rottan; Chepiring Tree Pearls; Puser Bumi Pearls; Fossilized Fruit; Weh-Weh Gombel Horns;




We are the leading occult organisation of the world. We export occult related articles to many organization. This is a 20 years old organization of high repute in India and World. This is now worlds largest occult hub, supplying occult related articles to the world. If you want anything related to occultism, please contact us. We specialize in magical things and other mystique stones.


Buddha Centipede pearl
Cloud pearl

Vastu Products

Sribatsha in stone
Lucky Gems chair
Vastu Kalash
Asta Dala Stone
Panch Ratna Kalash

Panch Ratna amulet for your bed
Gruhaklesha Nivararaka Purusha
Asta Dala Stone
Panch Ratna Kalash

Vedic & Tantric Products

One Eye Coconut
Bana linga
Laghu Nariyal
Black Horse Shoe

Beesa Yantra
Tantric Products
Sodosanga Dhupa

Shree Yantra
Swayambhu Shwetark ganpati
Mercury(Parad) Products
Hamsi Cowree
Sinhee CowreeG
Heera Shankh
Rasmani or solid Mercury ball
Kamrup Mani
Deva Mani
Gomati Chakra

Heera Sankh
Kamiya Sindoor
Baruna Mani
Syamantak Mani
Gandharva Mani
Kamadhenu Mani
Kubera Mani
Mahamani mala
Tantra Mala
Exotic Rudrakshsa
Gorachan or Cow bezoar
Natural Stone Kalash ( Nilgiri Orissa)

Relics (yet to come)

Holy Jaganath Shila
Holy Surya Shila
Holy Ram Shila
Holy Ganga Shila
Holy Pitre Shila
Holy Kailash Shila
Holy Govardhan Shila
Holy Devi Shila
Holy Maha Ganapati Shila
Holy Godavari Shila
Holy Brahmaputra Shila
Holy Kamroop Shila
Holy Budha Sarira Shila
Holy Brahma Shila
Holy Yamuna Shila

Gems & crystals

Astrology Rings
Semiprecious Gems
Red Coral
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Hessonite or Gomed
Cats Eye

Mystery Products

Flint arrow head
Hag Stone
Thunderbolt or Belemnites
Thai Naga Eye
Star Stones
Tongue Stone
True Cross or Staurolite
Lightenning Pearl or Fulgurite
Devil's Toenail
Fairy Loaves, Snakes' Eggs and jewstones or Echinoids
Snakestones or Ammonites
Tektite or Meteorite
Fairy Stone
Crystal Skull
Slave's lentils and Angel's money or fossil Nummulites
Moqui Morbles
magic mirror

Psychic Products

Psychic Board
Ouija Board
Magic Compass or Alethiometer


Cure all Disease
Cancer Cure
Water of LifeI
Kidney Stone

Stones and Occult

Tumbled Stones
Semiprecious Stones
wholesaler of agate stone
Agate Stone Beads
Agate Gemstones
Semiprecious Ornaments
Astrological Stones
Healing Stones
Mental Calming
Metal Pendulums
Protective Stones
Exporter of Semiprecious Stone
Chakra jewellery
Tumble stone
Dowsing pendulums
Gemstone pendulums
Chakra pendulums
Fengshui Items
Arrow heads
Worry stone
Wholesale agate stones
Facetted drop
Tumbled chips un-drilled
Massage sticks
Shiva lingam
Gemstone exporter
Semiprecious stones supplier
Energy stones
Healing sticks
Healing stones
Chakra healing sticks
Mercaba stars
Agate bowls
Mm size cabochons
Stone bowls
Beaded pendulum
Rune stone sets
Thumb stone



International Institute Of Astrology and Occult science         (REGD 072)
Bhavisyabani, Nuagaon Square,
Vijoy Vihar, Bhubaneswar 2, Pin:751002
Ph:+91 0674 2343574,2343474 Fax: +91 0674 2343474 24           Mob:+91 9437020474
E mail: info@occulttreasures.com


Our Products

Manufacturer of Bloodstone [ Heliotrope], Moss Agate, Fancy Jasper, Red Cornelean,
Red Jasper, Green Aventurine, Red Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine [Golden Quartz], Camel
Jasper, Peach Aventurine, Crystal Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, African Amethyst, Garnet,
Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz, Black Jasper, Green Jasper, Chowrite, Vasonite, Blue Sapphire,
Kyanite, Calcite, Grey Agate, Banded Agate, Tree Agate, Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite, Sunstone, Citrine,
Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, White Rainbow, Moonstone, Black Rutilated, Golden Rutilated,
Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Labrodorite, Ruby in Zeosite, Ruby Fuschite, Spinal
Fushite, Multi & Green Fluorite, Iolite, Indian Ruby, Emerald Fushite, Aquamarine, Amber,
Praynite, Black Onyx, Azurite [ Synthetic ], Yellow Tiger Eye, Black Tiger Eye, Blue Gold Stone,
Brown Gold Stone, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Tiger Eye, Conglomerate Agate, Criyso Press,
Dendrite Opal, Dall Mantion, Spotted Jasper, Firoza[Green], Fosal Coral, Green Onyx, Hemetite,
Iron Tiger Eye, Lapid Skin, Marium, Melachite [ Original & Synthetic ]Moon Stone Green,
Mother of Pearl[ White & Colours ], Banded Firoza, Ocean Jasper, Paull shell, coloured Pearl,
Picture Jasper, Pinkless Agate, Polkot Dot Agate, Red Opal [Synthetic], Red Tiger Eye,
Rhodochrosite, Rodonite, Whitolite, Scenery Jasper, Sujilite, White Opal [Synthetic], Turquoise [
Original & Synthetic ], Unokite, Coral [ Original & Synthetic ], Red Onyx, Aquva Onyx, Blue
Onyx, etc.

Manufacturer of Tumbled Stones, Bead, Onyx & Semiprecious Stones,Semi Precious Stones Exporter, semi precious stones, wholesaler of agate stone, Agate Stone Beads, Agate Gemstones, Manufacturer of Semiprecious Ornaments, astrological stones, healing stones, mental calming, metal pendulums, protective stones, exporter of semiprecious stone, chakra jewellery, necklaces, bracelet, tumble stone, handicraft, dowsing pendulums, gemstone pendulums, chakra pendulums, pendulums, cabochones, spheres, pyramids, beads, Fengshui Items, arrow heads, worry stone, star, jambo, wholesale agate stones, facetted drop, tumbled chips un-drilled, massag sticks, shiva lingam, gemstone exporter, semiprecious stones supplier, energy stones, healing sticks, healing stones, chakra healing sticks, mercaba stars, hearts, cross, agate bowls, ball, pencil, mm size cabochones, stone bowls, beaded pendulum, rune stone sets, thumb stones,etc.


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