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#The Storm #
I have studied paranormal activity for the past 25 years and not stopping any time soon! I have been trying to link up electricity with paranormal activity.I research mostly in the desert. I have found out that paranormal activity does use your batteries to power up and try to manifest. I also have noticed an increase of paranormal activity when the winds are higher and there is current in the air. Also due to the fact that they drain battery power it lets me to believe that they can do more when electricity is present. I do not believe it is portals or anything . just that the energy required for an entity to manifest is already there and available .

# Nectre #
There is an orphanage in India where sweet nectar flows out of a tiny (5 mm) religious medallion (or rather the two concave halves of it, as it fell in half with age). They let you hold it in your hand and the nectar (called amrita - nectar of the Gods in Sanskrit) just keeps flowing, filling up your palm. It is scooped up with a teaspoon and you can lick it up. Is sweet, sticky and smells of roses. The funny thing is that for about an hour after you have left the place, the nectar keeps quietly seeping into your hand. Lick it up, wipe your hand - it still keeps coming. I've been to this place twice, its near Mysore, on Mysore-Bangalore road, Srirangapatna.

# India Gate #
Britishers fighting at the gateway of india, mumbai?
i have heard that if someone crosses the gateway of india, mumbai when there is just silence, he/she can see britishers fighting(IN A PARANORMAL MANNER). IS THAT TRUE??

# Yogi #
An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period.

* Prahlad Jani says he was blessed by a goddess, which gave him special powers
* For 15 days, Jani neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet

Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state of Gujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television.

During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet.

"We still do not know how he survives," neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. "It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is."

The long-haired and bearded yogi was sealed in a hospital in the city of Ahmedabad in a study initiated by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the state defence and military research institute.

During the 15-day observation, which ended on Thursday, the doctors took scans of Jani's organs, brain, and blood vessels, as well as doing tests on his heart, lungs and memory capacity.

"The reports were all in the pre-determined safety range through the observation period," Shah told reporters at a press conference last week.

Other results from DNA analysis, molecular biological studies and tests on his hormones, enzymes, energy metabolism and genes will take months to come through.

"If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one," said Shah.

"As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories."

# Necronomicon #
Why do so many Thelemites and occultist object to the use of the simon Necronomicon.?
Many serious practitioners of the Western Mystery Tradition and Thelema object to the use of the simon Necronomicon. If you mention you may work with this Grimorie your almost universaly Anathema'ed and not taken seriously.
I find this disturbing, even with so much thought going into Magickal Theory and Models, and all this talk of Thought Forms, Occultist still talk about which Demons are "Real" and which ones are thought forms and "Hoaxs". It dousn't matter if Simon wrote the book, just as it dousn't matter that Solomon did not write Goetia, yet its one of the most "Respectable" works in existence in the eyes of many, simply because its Traditional.
Entire groups are dedicated to useing the Simon Necronomicon, and they have success. People who use the Goetic Method with the sigils from the simon Necronomicon, ...have success. Chaos Magicians and Fringe Typhonians have used the book with success.
So why not respect it as a workable grimorie and another useful tool?

# Vanishing #
in 2004 on my birthday i bought a brand new glass tobbacco pipe. I took it to a friends house to christen and i set it on the table and reached in my pocket to grab my stash and i broke out a bowl and as i was breaking up the pot i knocked the pipe onto the carpet and it bounced off my foot i was buisy so i waited untill i was done breaking up the herb and when i finished i went to retrieve the glass pipe and it was not on the floor, there was nothing on the floor it was completely clean no pipe nothing i never found that pipe and i was the only person in the room i looked for it for hours... with no such luck...

# Paranormal #
Ok this is my weird thing. Last year we traveled to the northern part of the state for a wrestling tournament. I noticed at one point my speedometer dropped 15 miles. I knew it did because my Garmin said I was still traveling at 60 although my speedometer said 45. Came home a different way. Took my car in to get looked at and speedometer was fine. Well, we just traveled north again for the same tournament and the same thing thing happened again!! This time we came home the same way and it happened again just during this one mile stretch of the highway. What the heck????

# Premonition #
it was about 3 years ago. i had a dream about a tornado that tore up a walmart store that is close by my home and all that i could remember was being wokes up by a strong breeze and it made me sit straight up. then i had this weird urge to turn on the tv and when i didthere was a news report on saying that a tornado had torn up walmart ........... creepy

# Paranormal #
When comming back from Austriala by cruse ship there was a demo of Riki going on behind the chair i was sitting on i was looking out over the bow of the ship at the sea up to that day we just had the sea to look at all of a sudden a pod of doplins jumped over the waves in front of the ship i stood up to get a better look when i just happen to turn around to see if anyone else seen the dolpins and saw black worm things rising up into the reki practitioner hands from a lady laying on a bed which he was doing the reki on.The lady sitting beside me said i dont know why this nonsense is allowed on a passenger ship but i was so shocked i did not answer .When i got home to New zealand i went and had a course in Reki myself ,
When i asked my Reki teacher about what i had seen on the ship she asked me did i see strange things and i told her once as a child whic is a other story .

# Paranormal #
I work as a retail manager at a store in our mall. I often call to check on sales on my days off. My crew has begun calling me Nostradamus because I have the uncanny ability to know the net sales $ amount before they can even get the report printed. Example: "Hey, what's the sales look like today?... should be about $500?".... "let me check... wow, we just hit $504" I do this at least once per week, and often call my the store, just as they were getting ready to call me about some issue. My crew has taken it all in stride and jokes about me having hidden cameras above the registers. As I saw in another post about thinking too long, I too find if I stop and consider what they should be at, I tend to be off. It's the fast thought stated that is uncannily accurate. Hence I have stopped second guessing myself and just go with intinct.



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Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.

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The paranormal field is a mysterious one, full of things like the disembodied spirit (ghost) which decides to communicate with, and haunt the living, the incredible power of the human mind and will, amazing lights (ghost lights) that appear in the middle of no where, and other things that science can not explain. For the most part, we will try to avoid things of folklore and concentrate on subjects that truly are supernatural phenomena. The main reason why we study the paranormal is to get closer to the truth. We want learn as much about the supernatural in order to better understand it. Although you can find some definitions of folklore subjects in our paranormal dictionary. Our goal is to become one of the largest resources of paranormal information and to help keep the interest in the paranormal alive and strong.

Devas: The word deva comes from the Sanskrit language, meaning "a being of brilliant light" and is used to indicate a non-physical being. We are using the word deva here as a general name for both nature spirits and angelic beings. How did devas come into being? It is said that in the beginning, when earth solidified and the physical life forms were formed, the devas were so far behind in evolution that they could not form physical bodies. Consciousness of the devas is directed to expansion in contrast to our consciousness that is focused and limited by the form of the human body. Devas are always conscious of their cosmic environment, and want to become ever more conscious of that what they encompass. Devic beings want to be, while physical beings want to do. Devic beings concentrate creating, while physical beings want to develop. Devas have an instinctive knowledge, they do not have to acquire knowledge like we do. The have instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies. They do not have form as we understand form in the physical world. In their, astral, realm they are like fluidic open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. When people are able to perceive them, they often will take a form extracted from the human mind. Thus we will see them in a more or less human form, but in essence they are only vortexes of energies.

They have memory and learn from past experiences. They are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They react to and improve their work according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work. They are only interested in their own field of work. For example, the deva of the oak trees is only interested in the growth of oak trees, a landscape deva is only interested in the life forms of that landscape, a healing deva only works with healing energies. It is therefore useless to ask a oak tree deva how to heal a human body. Devas are only knowledgeable in their own particular field. Working with devas is of a mutual benefit. Devas acquire experience of focused consciousness and action, while humans can learn to surrender to the silence of the devic consciousness and its sensitivity to cosmic influences. Devas are always willing to help people.

Gnomes: Gnomes are connected to the earth element, which includes the minerals. They live inside the earth, although there are some forest gnomes, who take care of the forest on the level of the earth element. They vary in size from 2 to 3 feet. They look a bit knotty, gnarled, and in general they are a bit gruff, and do not trust easily humans. Gnomes take care not only of the earth and minerals, but also of the roots of plants. They have strong senses and intellect. They understand what they hear and see. They not only receive the cosmic influences, but also ideas. They have a clear consciousness. A plant receives energies from the cosmos and lets them sink into the soil, where the gnomes collect this information and pass it on to the earth, to all the minerals. Their knowledge is immediate, that is, when they receive information through their senses they immediately ‘know’. Because they have a universal intellect they tend to look down on humans as incomplete beings. They don’t have to think things over as we do, thus they think that we are dumb.

Gnomes have an inner sense with which they experience what is in the minerals and metals, these being receivers of what is above the earth. They also seem to be sensitive to influences of the moon. With full moon, they form a thick ‘skin’ to protect themselves against the moon light, with new moon they are almost transparent. They are always alert what happens around and to them. They give spiritual support to lowly developed animals.

Giants: Giants can be really big, as they are often connected to mountains. They can also live in ancient forests. They are not clever, are very touchy and dangerous, although there are some exceptions. They like noise. They are afraid of magicians and certain smells. Giants are very dense in ethereal substance, and thus they are easily seen by people with second sight.

Nymphs: Nymphs are connected to the element water, but at the same time can also be connected to a mountain or forest. Their action radius is very localized. There also are nymphs that regulate the flow of water in the earth's crust. In general nymphs distribute the feminine qualities of water into the landscape. They can give a specific individuality to a water place. A well nymph can turn the waters of the well into a healing place. It is not uncommon for them to appear in the religious form of the goddess that people of that area worship. Hence the appearance of Maria at wells in Europe.

They do not have a clear consciousness as do gnomes. They dream constantly. They mostly dream of the stars, the sun, light and warmth. They have a tendency to merge temporarily into a fish form, but will take on other metamorphoses just to avoid to possibility of turning into a fish form permanently. They do help the fishes and amphibians. Nymphs bind and unbind matter. They take care of the chemistry of plants. Nymphs can have a kind of morbid death wish. There also male nymphs, or water-men, who embody the male aspect of water. They seem to be rather withdrawn.

Nixies: Nixies enliven rivers, springs, lakes and marshes. They show themselves as beautiful maidens, sometimes with a fish tail. They are music lovers and excellent dancers, and they have the gift of prophecy. Although they can give certain gifts to human, one has to be cautious as they can be harmful, usually by drowning people.

Elves or Sylphs: These live in the element air, and are like light in the atmosphere. Sensitive to the movement of the atmosphere, they have a sleepy consciousness. Their task is to transfer light to the plants. The stream of air caused by a flying bird creates a sound they can hear. They like birds flying through the air. Sylphs are connected to movement in space, like modeling and directing the wind. Elves (or fairies) are more connected to the expansion of life in their area.

Fairies: The real fairy is related to the elves, but she is more interested in humans and animals, and has a strong magical persona. Fairies can act as protectors or guides for people involved in magic.

Djinn: A djinn is a nature spirit that is being controlled by a human for the purpose of carrying out certain works. The human has to be in total control of the djinn, otherwise the djinn might take control over the human, or play tricks, like making objects disappear and appear, or wander around.

Angels: Angels are messengers. They are messengers from spirit allowing us a greater understanding and connection to Spirit. The word angel comes from angelos which is the Greek word for messenger. Not only are angels messengers, they are also part of our consciousness, representing realms beyond thought and idea. The human mind needs form, so the Light of Spirit takes on the physical form of an angel, to encourage direct communion with God. We create a dimensional blending that enables them to appear in a form that is acceptable to us.

Though the form of angels changes from culture to culture, almost every culture throughout the world has reports of angels. There are angels in Christian, Judaic and Islamic lore. Angels were reported in ancient Assyrian and Mesopotamian, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Taoism. Ancient Greeks called them horae, Vikings called them valkyries, in Persia they were fereshta, to the Hindus they were apsaras and in the African religion of the Yoruba, angels were called orisha. Traditionally in Shamanism (which is the primordial spiritual path of all indigenous people) there are reports of ascending birdlike spirits. These half-bird/half-human spirits are called the bird people or the bird tribes.

The most famous angel is the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is the divine messenger who reveals divine mysteries and delivers God's orders and aid to the prophets. Muhammad taught that it was Gabriel who brought him God's revelation. There are many different legends about Gabriel in Muslim tradition, many of which overlap with biblical traditions about the patriarchs and the prophets. Gabriel is said to have consoled Adam after the expulsion from paradise and taught him the letters of the alphabet, how to cultivate wheat, and how to make tools from iron. It is also said that Gabriel took Adam to Mecca and taught him the rites of pilgrimage. He showed Noah how to build the ark, and had numerous encounters with Abraham. He helped Moses fight the magicians of Egypt, and goaded Pharaoh's army into the Red Sea. He taught the prophet Samuel, and comforted King David. And he announced the coming birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias.

Though the numbers of occurrences of angelic visitations is growing rapidly, most angels aren’t seen but are felt. There are different ways to tell if you are in the presence of an angel. Often the pure scent of flowers accompanies their presence. Sometimes an angel will announce its presence with a slight breeze even if all the windows are closed. The breeze is the flutter of angel wings. Sometimes you’ll hear the faint sound of bells or chimes or trumpets. I believe that the reason for the sound is that when angels break from their dimension into ours there is an accompanying sound. Sometimes an angelic presence is seen as a flash of light but the most common way to tell if you are in the presence of angels is by the warm wave of love that washes over you. If you feel an angel is standing behind you, it most likely is.

Ghosts: Ghosts can be defined in many different ways depending on who you ask. Most people think real ghosts are just someone who has risen from the dead, in white clothing, and are usually transparent. Spiritualists believe ghosts are the spirits of the deceased that are stuck on earth because they don't understand what's going on or because they don't know they have passed on. Here in the west many believe souls go on to either heaven with God or with Satan in hell. Others believe ghosts are the presence and/or appearance of the soul, life force or spirit of someone who has died. On this site we define the term ghost as a spiritual entity usually human, but can also be animal, that is conscious of itself and is possibly conscious of its surroundings.
Most of the time people don't even see the ghosts. They are however aware of their ghostly presence from objects that move on their own, strange noises, smells, and unusually cold places. When they can be seen they can look as real as you and me or can be fuzzy and be seen through. Ghosts can be in the form of mists as well as human figures, or be orbs floating around. Ghosts usually appear in the outfits worn during the time period they lived in. Most ghosts that are seen time and time again will usually be in the same clothes. Rarely but sometimes, other ghosts will change their look and their age. Some ghosts will even appear disfigured and horrifying, a mirror image of how they looked when they died or were murdered.
Most ghosts are harmless but once in a while an unfriendly one gives us living folks an unpleasant visit. If a ghost stays in one place for a while you might say that place is haunted. Many haunting's take place in homes by ghosts of people that use to live in them or died in them. Some hauntings seem to happen for no apparent reason as well. Some believe that the reason ghosts remain here in our world is because they have unfinished business of some kind. Some may seek revenge, others may be here to comfort living relatives, and some are just not ready to move on to the next stage or realm that awaits for them. It has been said that many ghosts don't even know that they are dead. Ghosts might act out the things they did when they were alive. Some ghosts stay in places where they were most happy or comfortable in life. Some ghosts will actually leave the place it haunts if it finds out that it is no longer one of the living or even by being asked to leave by one of the living if it's asked nicely. Some ghosts just don't know whats going on. Some just need a little direction.
If you would actually like to see a real ghost, your best bet is at night. Paranormal apparitions may be easier to see at night because many are translucent and filmy or because peoples minds are relaxed and more likely to experience clairvoyance. Ghosts have actually been seen more in people's homes, and buildings than in graveyards. You might actually have a better chance of seeing a ghost in your friends basement than visiting a dead relatives grave. Another good place where you might find a ghost or many ghosts is in an area that held a battle or war. Places where many people have been killed,especially where the people have been killed so quickly and suddenly. These ghosts might be the kind that probably do not know that the battle they were in has ended, but most likely battle field ghosts are imprint apparitions.

Apparitions: The term apparition is used for any kind of visual, paranormal related manifestation. The key word to remember is visual. A ghost can take the form of an apparition, like an orb or human figure that you can see. However, not all paranormal visualizations are ghosts. They can be in the form of trains, animals, and inanimate objects. Some apparitions of people might not always be a ghost, or spirit of a person. They might just be visions of things or people that were in that same location years ago. These forms of apparitions will not be conscious of their surroundings or of themselves. They are kind of like a holographic video of something that used to be there. This is called an imprint, and is caused by very dramatic and emotional events that become a part of the land and it's near surroundings. This is however, just a theory that I happen to agree with on certain forms of apparitions. Most professionals in paranormal fields will use the word apparition to describe all paranormal visualizations to keep things simple and avoid any confusion.

There are more than just one type of apparition. Here is a list of some below.

Crisis Apparitions: This is when a person is of course in or was in a crisis. Either they are dying or have just died and are appearing in spirit form to their family or other loved ones to send the message that they are are going or have all ready left the physical world. Some of these apparitions will point to their fatal injuries. Crisis apparitions can appear in peoples dreams as well.

Apparitions of the Dead: This form of course is the appearance of someones spirit that has all ready died. Usually to someone they were close to like family or others that are grieving for that persons soul. They appear in order to give information to their loved ones about unsettled or unfinished business that they feel should be taken care of.

Reciprocal Apparitions: In this case both the apparition and the person that sees it are still alive and remember seeing each other. Someone will be so lonely, worried, or missing the other that they will appear to that person in the form of an apparition and both will remember it happening. They can also be called ghosts of the living. This is a good example of how powerful the human mind and will actually is.

Deathbed Apparitions: An apparition that appears to a dying person, very close to the time of their death. They can be of dead relatives, angels, or biblical figures.

Apparitions have been thoroughly studied by parapsychologists and other paranormal researchers since the 19th century.They can vary and can hold different characteristics. Some are very lifelike in their movements and looks. Others can be transparent, and fuzzy with jerky, puppet like movements. Others can be even less lifelike and appear only as patches, or other forms of light. They can visualize very suddenly and then disappear in the same manner. Every apparition has it's own special qualities. Some can come with smells, some can make sounds, and others can just make gestures to get someones attention or communicate. Some people that have witnessed an apparition have actually tried to touch them. The majority of those individuals learn that their hands go right through the ghostly visions. In a few incidents however the percipient that have been able to touch them have felt a substance similar to a thin, flimsy fabric.
About every four out of five apparitions seem to appear for a reason. One of those reasons is to tell of the deceased persons own traumatic experience and/or death. Another is to give comfort to a family member or friend that has lost someone. Sometimes they just want to give important information to help the living as well. It may be that the other 20% of apparitions that do not seem to have a specific purpose are either imprint apparitions or have other matters to attend to that is unknown to the witness.

Poltergeists: A poltergeist is a spirit or sometimes disembodied energy. These things have been around at least as long as the ancient Roman times and have also been found in records of medieval times as well and are still being reported today. They have many similarities with ghosts, except that they are often a lot more destructive. They have been known to start fires, cause objects to fly, create loud noises, passing solid objects through closed doors or walls, and can even become visible apparitions on rare occasions. They are most known for throwing rocks and dirt. Unlike ghosts, they are usually not connected with any dead person or tragic event. They often come and go quite suddenly. They can last for only hours at a time to many years at a time. It is unusual though for a poltergeist to stick around for any longer than a couple of months.
During poltergeist occurrences it's rare for apparitions to appear. However, for the ones that do appear there have been many in animal forms. During the Bell Witch incident, which is usually referred to as a poltergeist case, an apparition that looked like a dog and another that resembled a turkey was seen. In the Epworth poltergeist incident, an animal that looked like a headless badger, as well as something that sort of looked like a white rabbit was witnessed. Most of these strange apparitions are transparent and when one tries to touch or strike them, their hand and feet go right through the unnatural visions. The movements of the apparitions can sometimes look strange and unnatural, or in other words, the animal apparitions don't always move in the way that the real animal would move.
Some poltergeists can be very harmful. It doesn't happen often but this type can possibly be demons or very angry spirits. If you ever experience a problem like this it's best you call a professional. If you try to get rid of it on your own it might make things worse. Of course chances are very, very slim that this will ever happen to you or anyone you don't get scared;)
One other thing that a poltergeist can be is that it might come from someone around the disturbance that is unknowingly and involuntarily causing it through repressed psychokinetic energy. Usually a child or teenager. Often in a poltergeist case there is one person that is always present during poltergeist activity. On the other hand, poltergeists have also been known to target certain individuals for abuse and worse and one would think that most of the time, even subconsciously, a person would not want to harm themselves, just their surroundings.

Before you go out ghost hunting you need to know where to look. Cemeteries are good places to attempt a ghost hunt. Some have said that ghosts are strongest around the place where their remains are buried. If there is any truth to this, then your local cemetery is a good place to start. Other places you can try ghost hunting are homes and buildings that have a reputation for being haunted. Ghosts can also be found where battles and wars have taken place so if you live near an old battlefield you should check that out as well. Let the word get out that you are in search for ghosts and the paranormal and after a while people will be coming to you asking if you want to check out their basement or attic. Just remember that where ever you do your investigation that you have permission of the property owners to do so. Not just the people that live there.
Well, now that you have picked a good place to conduct your first ghost hunting trip you need to make sure you have the right equipment.
A flashlight: Most ghost hunting is done at night so you will probably want to bring a good working flashlight or two with you.
A camera. If you have a video camera, that would be great. However a 35 mm camera or a digital camera would be just fine. Whatever camera you use, try to avoid using any non natural light like a flash or a camera light. That way if you do catch a picture of a ghost the skeptics can't use the flash to explain away your picture so easily.
A tape(audio)recorder: If you are lucky, you might catch the actual voice of a ghost. Make sure you are using a brand new tape and only use one side of it so that you don't pick up any sounds from the other side of the tape. Also, use a recorder with an outside microphone, otherwise you might pick up sounds from the inside of the recorder.
A thermometer: Ghosts have been known to create cold spots and you can use a thermometer to record and confirm these occurrences. Also, you might try to snap a picture around the cold spot in hopes of capturing a good ghost pic.
A compass: Some say that ghosts can effect electromagnetic fields and when the compass starts to go out of whack you might have a ghost in your presence.
All human beings bodies are covered and able to work by electromagnetic energy fields. In short they are called EMFs. The peoples bodies also create its very own static electricity. The same kind of static that you get from sheets fresh out of the dryer. The theory is that when a person dies, their spirit or soul is made up of this electromagnetic energy. This is where the compass comes in handy. When you are in a strange energy field, the needle of the compass will not be pointing north like it is supposed to. Sometimes it even spins wildly. A compass is a great tool for beginner ghost hunters and a lot of people prefer using them. The compass does have some problems though. One is that you have to keep a very steady hand the whole time and keep your eyes on it often for any unusual movement. It also can not pick up any weaker fields like other devices can. The good news is that they are the cheapest tools for unusual emf detection.

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Exprience About Ghosts

"Several times a year I get calls from someone concerned about a ghostly presence they're aware of, usually in their home. Some callers are frantic, worried the ghost might do them harm. Others are more concerned for the welfare of a ghost. There are some simple things anyone can do to permanently move a ghost out of their house. Before getting to them, let's cover some basics and hopefully clear up a few misconceptions.

First, the most important thing to know is that ghosts are just human beings not living in physical bodies. These are people just like you and me. Like people everywhere, ghosts can be friendly, scary, smart, stupid and everything in between, but they're just people.

Second, at its most basic, the reason you can be aware of a ghost is because its attention is focused at the level of physical world reality. There can be many reasons why ghosts do this. They may be unaware they're dead and staying close to familiar surroundings or people. They may be aware of their death, but confused about what they're supposed to do. Some ghosts may have a message they want to give someone still living in the physical world. There are lots of reasons why a ghost's attention may be focused at the level of physical world reality, but that focus of attention is what brings them to your awareness and keeps them here.

Third, you have nothing to fear from a ghost. Despite what Hollywood horror films would have us believe, such a person is not a threat to you. Projecting your own fear onto a ghost can certainly appear to give evidence to the contrary. Too many people I work with bought into Hollywood's fear-inducing images, and are scared out of their wits, thus adding to their problem.

Fourth, there are Helpers living in the nonphysical world who will gladly assist you in your attempt to move a ghost along. All you have to do is ask. Often the Helper is someone actively trying to assist the ghost, but unable to reach him. Sometimes there's a Helper waiting to move a specific ghost. The Afterlife abounds with Helpers willing to volunteer their assistance wherever such an opportunity presents itself."

Here I will narate the question of a client:
I was sitting in a waiting room looking up at the clouds waiting for my turn to go see someone or something and it was as if I over heard somebody in the room say that this person screws people over.

It was then that a projection on the roof came on. At first it was just words trying to convince me to go see him. He was saying stuff like "I promise you will be happy with me and I am the best around." he really wanted me to go to him.

I told him that I will when it's my turn and agreed with him upon everything. He wanted me to come in to sign some contract and he told me it was my turn. I told him "no! Are you kidding me!? I would never go to you!"

He continued to Try to convince me but I told him to fck off and leave me alone and that's when he got mad.

The projection of words turned into a voice and he said in an angry voice, "YOU *****! YOU PLAYED ME! YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG ONE!" he said he is going to harm me and my loved ones and other things that's I can't quite remember, but the last thing he said was, "your being watched!"

After he said that, I woke up and I could have sworn there was something in the doorway, shut the door! I ran out of my bedroom and all through my house and there was no one there! I thought it was my boyfriend who shut the door but when I came back to our room he was still sound asleep.

When I went back to our bed he asked me what was wrong and i told him my dream.
I went to show him where the figure was standing and when i shut my door, I seen a dark figure down the hall and say "come here" in the voice that was in my dream!!!
I ran back in the bedroom crying!!

I don't know what to do! Prior to all this, I was sleeping at my friends and I heard shuffling across her floor just when I was about to fall asleep.

I don't know if a spirit followed me or how to get rid of it!

If there is any one out there with ideas, please let me know! And i would appreciate it if there is no criticism!!

Real life ghosts

ok i have been seeing different things in my house lately how can i tell if its ghost or if i am just seeing things? i see shadows and hear different noises...i have always seen and heard things but i am never sure whether or not its real or if i might just have an over-active imagination?

ok i am 13 and i just see shadows and things like one day it was night time and i was the only one up the lights were out and i was lying in my bed...then i heard something on the stairs....then i saw shadows underneath my door like someone was walking by...i opened my door and no one was up there but was like 2 am so everyone was asleep....this stuff doesnt scare me in anyway i am atually used to this kind of stuff because my grandma and granpas house is the same dog gets a little freaked out shes scared to go into our bathroom and shes rot weiler so you would think she would be braver lol. also i am trying to find out the history of my house but i dont know how...well i hope that will help you answer my question better

Everyone knows or thinks they know what a ghost is but they are never certain. I want to know exactly what they are. Secondly we've heard of famous ghost in history ( if they are real or not is a different story), but why are just those people ghosts when there are hundreds of other people that have had the the same problems in life or the same demise.


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