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Hast jyotish is India's time-honored, traditional system of palmistry. For over 5000 years, people have gained greater understanding of themselves and others through this authentic and fascinating study of the hand and its unique markings.

In the east, the sciences of astronomy, astrology, and palmistry are closely related. All three sciences come from the Sanskrit root jyot, which translates as light. Therefore, jyotish refers to astronomy, the science of the movement of the heavenly bodies (seen as points of light), and astrology, the study of the influence of the light of the planets on our lives. Vedic palmistry is known as hast jyotish—hast, meaning “hand”. As such, palmistry is the study of the reflected light of planetary influences, as revealed through the mounts and lines of our hands.

The ancients believed that the mounts, lines and signs of our hands are, in fact, a map that traces the journey of our soul consciousness as it manifests through our mind and body. A study of hast jyotish provides us with a diagnostic tool for determining the degree of harmony in our body, mind, and soul. In addition, it provides us with information that can help us establish a greater degree of harmony or balance within this trinity of consciousness.

Much of the satisfaction in the study, and practical application of palmistry is recognizing that we can exercise our free will in more informed and effective ways. And each time that we take a new positive direction in our lives, we will see this confirmed in the corresponding changes in the lines and signs on our hands.

As hand analysts, we can best assist you by pointing out how past and present thoughts and actions have set you upon a certain course in life. With guidance - and effort and persistence on your part - there can be great transformation in your personality. As your thinking changes and new behavior patterns are established, the lines and signs, and even the mounts, (the underlying tissue of the hand) will undergo detectable changes. Even those lines that indicate future trends can change. Broken lines can be mended; lines showing interferences and obstacles can fade and disappear, and lines showing positive associations and relationships come into view. Admittedly, deeply ingrained major lines indicating entrenched tendencies in our subconscious are slower and more resistant to change. Nevertheless, these too can be altered with patience and effort.

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