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Happy birthday Naveen Patnaik

Horoscope of Sri Naveen Patnaik
Date 16th October 1946, Time: 1 AM, Cuttack, India.

The conjunction of the lords of the ninth and tenth houses results in another very powerful Rajayoga called the Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga (DKY) and shows a person who will be playing a vital role in the re-establishment of Dharma (Truth and good social values) and will rule the land like a good statesman. Mercury is like a child and any planet it conjoins, it gives the results indicated by the planet while not giving its own. Thus, Mercury conjoining this Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga will give its results.

Further, the placement of the planets involved in the DKY show the area where this is to function. Since this Yoga is in the fourth house, it clearly indicates motherland or hometown and can translate to indicating the state of Orissa, India. Further, the planets conjoining the tenth lord Mars and aspecting the tenth house Aries will give the results DKY Rajayoga. These are Mercury and Jupiter.

A natural question arising is that the planets giving Rajayoga should be strong, at least in Navamsa to give Rajayoga and we find that Mercury and Jupiter are both in debility in the Navamsa. So, how were Rajayoga and its continuity being predicted? Only factor is Mercury is in a Rajayoga but in itself a tremendous malific for cancer ascendant. So Mercury drawn the power of Rajayoga from  Jupiter and Mars. But Jupiter and Venus are weak. So there will be lots of tension and corruption, but win is assured. We may see him as the next chief minister.

Sri Naveen Pattnaik shows conjunction of the lord of the ninth and tenth houses i.e. Jupiter and Mars.
 B.J.D. will get majority. No coalition needed.
 Naveen will not play a major role in Delhi politics.

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