The Omen

The Omen: During your entire lifetime you come across many OMENS. The OMENS tell the FUTURE of your life in a very precise manner. Even when you walk on the streets many things happen by your side, like a mirror cracking or a cat crossing your way or somebody sneezing behind you. They all have meaning for your future happenings. Suppose you are meeting the same person in an interview whom you have already met while coming for the interview, then you will be definitely be successful in the interview. Similarly, if you see an old man unable to walk properly when you start your journey for a purpose, and then the success will be delayed or obstructed.

An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. Though the word "omen" is usually devoid of reference to the change's nature, hence being possibly either "good" or "bad", the term is more often used in a foreboding sense, as with the word "ominous". [etymology: The modern word ‘omen’ and its derivatives (eg., ominous) are possibly derived from the latin word ‘omentum’ which means ‘apron’. An omentum is the apron like anatomical structure made of fatty tissue covering the intestines of most animals’ (or humans’) abdomen. The inspection of an animals’ omentum was a practice frequently used for thousands of years (spanning from Classical Greek society to the late Roman era) by priests in order to predict the future

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In the Old Babylonian period, the collections of omens were for the most part still rather small. Omens which took place without human agency, such as encounters with animals or anomalies of birth, were given less attention, and astrology was almost completely absent. People were mostly concerned with inducing omens, primarily through inspection of the liver of sacrificial sheep, but also in figures which were formed when small quantities of oil were poured into a basin of water, or even in the curves of a rising plume of smoke. In the case of liver divination, a question which could be answered either positively or negatively was probably always posed prior to the slaughter of the sheep. The majority of these questions concerned public life, for example, the prospects of a military campaign or the acceptance of a public office. A person inquired about the appearance of twelve different parts of the liver.

Well into Christian times, comets were regarded as bad omens. In 1066 a comet was seen as William the Conqueror was preparing to invade England. Soon after, Harold, the Saxon king, was defeated by William and old heads nodded. It was only to be expected after such a portent. Visit our dreams and omens page.

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