Anyone possessing such a Jati Phala-Mani attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems.
These nutmeg stones are highly qualitative and able to confer all kinds of wealth. His aura increases so much that every body get enchanted.
This type of Jati Phala Mani bestows power, position, leadership,victory, great courage and success in endeavors.
These are highly precious yellow colored nutmeg stone, which is praised by he ancients to give every kind of happiness, fortune and riches. It cures serious health disorders naturally. This can be worn as a amulet against fear misfortune and legal problem.
Cures chronic diseases and avoid death. According to Garuda Purana it gives wisdom, victory and blessing of gods. Generally it is preserved as a crown gem in the kings treasure.


Jati Phala Mani

#Nutmeg Stone #


Jati Phala Mani Or Nutmeg Stone us an excellent example of classis operational Witchcraft finding its way into our modern culture. Just why did Grandma load all that Nutmeg Stone into those sweets during the holidays if not to induce a festive mood? Chances are great Grandma didn't know she was practicing witchcraft , and chances are even if she did, she probably did not recognize the science involved. Nutmeg Mani has long been associated with luck and the strength of a strong home. Although it is sometimes drilled and strung on a cord for these attributes, it is far more effective to use Nutmeg in cooking, especially in the cold winter months when the lack of sunlight and outdoor activities brings on family strife. Surprise everyone with a rich Nutmeg Stone treat.

Nutmeg Pearl has long been carried as good luck charms, and are string with star anise and Tonka beans for a potent herbal necklace. Specifically, nutmegs are carried to ward off rheumatism, cold sours, neuralgia, boils, and sties. A nutmeg hung from a string around a baby's neck will aid in its teething. nutmeg is included in many money/prosperity mixtures, and (ground) is sprinkled onto green candles for this purpose as well.
To ensure your lover's fidelity, cut a nutmeg into exactly four pieces. bury one part in the earth; throw one off a cliff into the air; burn the third part, and boil the last one in water. Drink a sip of the water and take this last piece of nutmeg with you everywhere; sleep with it under your pillow at night. No one will tempt your mate.

Medical Uses:

Narcotic (in large doses), Stimulant, Tonic. The outer coating of the Nutmeg nut is called Mace. Because it is a specific part of the plant, its associations shift as do the extracts and concentrates of some plants. Small amounts of Nutmeg Stone will settle the stomach and aid in digestion. Large amounts will act as a narcotic. To treat diarrhea, simmer 1 cup of whole milk, 1 level teaspoon Nutmeg, and 2 teaspoons of honey. Serve warm. Drink one cup every hour until the symptoms subside. In all seriousness, I have not found that the narcotic effect of nutmeg provides a useful amount of pain relief for any serious medical concern. Instead, it seems to be very useful as a mood elevator in doses of about 1 teaspoon.

General Uses:

Often Listed as Pagan Lore as "not recommended for internal use." But this is not true since there are a lot of recopies that use Nutmeg Stone. Use it in moderations for making snacks. Use too much, and the only vision you will be seeing is the bottom of your toilet. Both Nutmeg and Mace (its outer coating) are often used in incense and sachet recipes to increase psychic and cognitive abilities. Essential oil of Nutmeg is diffused to invigorate the body and to increase the flow of energy throughout both body and soul.

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It bless one with the power of Nutmeg Dev. Abundant, fortune, reaches and great happiness comes to him easily in life.
This nutmeg stone is highly precious and virtuous to confer all kinds of wealth, power, position, greatness and good health. Suitable for ladies to have a happy and prosperous family life for all times to come. Rare and beautiful.
A mysterious stone of the ancients. Preserved as a precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. Best for wearing as a locket. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss.
It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty.

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