Namaskar or Namaste is the most popular form of greeting in India. It holds a lot of significance for the people of India and is a Symbol of the Indian Culture. Namaste is the most popular form of greeting in India for a general salutation for welcoming someone or bidding farewell.

Five fingers of our hands represent 5 elements of our body. Thumb represents fire elements, Index finger air, Middle finger ether, Ring finger earth and little finger water element. By touching both the hands face to face balances the five elemental imbalances in the body and protects it from external energy imbalance.

The western culture merely addresses the physical aspect of Life. By shaking hands or touching or kissing a cheek we feel the impact only on the physical plane whereas, a Namaskar (also Namaste) has a far fledged effect ... one Atman soul addresses another Atman soul and by doing so one wishes well of the another and in the process one Atman soul even asks for Forgiveness for any wrong deed which may have been committed knowingly or unknowingly in this or earlier lives manifested by that Atman soul.

One Atman in one Life comes across a limited number of Human Beings. Why so! Ever since that Atman started on its cosmic journey, it developed bondage with limited number of Atmans (soul) in every Life. These bondages can only be severed by burning the dross within ... Getting liberated from the hold off these atmans Souls by asking for Forgiveness!
Those beings who live on the physical plane get more and more bonded in every manifested Life but those on the path of their Spiritual purification are more inclined to get free from all bondages. Sooner the better!

The significance of Namaskar can be best understood when significance of physical I is subdued!

Namaskar is also a form of mudra which creates great harmony in the body. The chi of Ida and Pingala Nadi flows in harmoy to aweken saraswati nadi, which gives great knowledge.

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