How To Be A Millionaire

How to be a millionaire: In Occultism the list of ways to be a millionaire is unique. Traditional king families use them long ago. Nav Nidhhi or nine kinds of wealth are within them. We give a list of them.

1.Wear gem stone for your 1st,5th,9th and 2nd lord of your horoscope.

2.Keep Dakshinavarta Shankh in your north-east corner altar.

3.Place living Vishnu that is Chakra Shaligram Shila in a copper or silver plate.

4.Wear Nav Ratna locket with each natural stone transparent, spotless and of 2 to 3 carats at least.

5.South,west or south-west side of your plot or house should be high and heavier than others.

6.Swimming pool or at least a Lilly pool should be in the north or north-east.

7.Sweet smelling white and yellow flowers gives prosperity. Kitchen should be in the south-east.

8. Place Heera shankh with Sri yantra.

9. Keep  Dwarka-Shila with Shaligram.

9.Place Billi Ke Jer in your locker.

10. Hata Jodi is a wonder of nature. So keep it in your purse.

11.Siyar Singi, with vermilion powder should be kept in the altar.

12.Place Gomati Chakra with Shaligram.

13.Cow Bezoar should be kept in the cash box.

14.Keep Nag Mani or cobra pearl and Megha Mukta or cloud pearl in your house.

15.Wear Rudraksh beads from 1 to 14 Mukhi.


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