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# Amulet of Meditation #

Meditation is for all. Since long, it has been considered as an activity to be done in old age after retirement. But thankfully, the situation and the attitude towards it have changed a lot in the past couple of years.

Research on meditation has shown a lot of positive and healthy effects on our body and mind. This is the reason why people of almost all age groups now take an active interest in it. It is also being included in the curriculum of schools and colleges as a compulsory subject.

Earlier, meditation was considered as a part of mysticism and religion only, but now it is taking center stage in our day to day life. Doctors recommend the practice of meditation on a daily basis for a faster recovery for their patients. It is now seen as an indispensable tool to decrease stress and achieve mental peace.

In fact, being in a meditative state is quite natural for the mind. Just like swimming is to fish, meditation is to our mind. It is not something that has to be learned, but it is a natural ability to be discovered.

- Meditation is the route to find out our true self. It is essential to know our full potential if we want to live a more fulfilling life. Meditation techniques are a methodology of the "science of awareness". Try this

Open my minds eye so I may see and feel Your shinning light presence close to me.
Give me inner strength for my stumbling feet as I battle the crowd on life's busy street.
And widen the vision of my unseeing minds eye so in passing faces I'll recognize not just a stranger, unloved, and unknown, but a friend with a heart and soul that is much like my own.

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