Case Study

Female born 20th February 1993, 1212 hrs. New Delhi, India.

The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are suffering from the close affliction of Ketu. The Sun and Mercury are well placed in the chart. The most malefic planet, Jupiter, is mutually involved in severe affliction with the primary significator of health, Venus. This disposition of Jupiter and Venus not only endangers health but also endangers longevity. Capricorn rises in the ascendant of the shashthamsa. The functional malefic Mars closely afflicts the most effective points of the houses aspected and occupied in the natal chart. The child was born in the main period of Mars. The close affliction of the most malefic planet, Jupiter, to the Moon ruling the lungs and Venus ruling the health resulted into a congenital problem and the lungs of the native were not expanding with the physical growth of the child. The irreparable ill health of the child caused unbearable mental sufferings to the parents as they could not do anything to improve the health and chances of survival of the child in spite of their being medical specialists of eminence. The operation of the main period of functional malefic Mars causing severe afflictions to the most effective point of the eighth house magnified the results of natal afflictions.

In this case birth in the Gemini ascendant would have changed the scene altogether as the mutual aspect of Jupiter and Venus would have created an active and creative personality. The child would have been long lived with good health. Even the birth that was earlier by six minutes would have removed the afflictions of the most malefic planet, Jupiter, to the ascendant and of the functional malefic planet, Venus, to the most effective points of the eleventh and fifth houses by 80%. This would have increased the affliction of Mars by 30% but in comparison to the removal of the affliction of Jupiter and Venus, this would have been very mild. Contact us to know more



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Mahurat Baby: This is a very ancient technology to create best of human beings. This means giving birth to a baby in a particular favorable time according to Astrology. In Mahabharata Satyavati gave birth to Veda Vyasa by says Parashar, The great master of Astrology. Similar things happen with Akbar. You have to consult a astrologer to have maximum Raja Yoga and then talk to your surgeon to remove the child after 9 months pregnancy for safety. Recent trends, with deep belief in vedic astrology and anxiety to beget best children making parents over-anxious to fix time for cesarean deliveries. Their anxiety is to arrange a powerful and sanctified birth chart for children to be born. At the stage of delivery choosing a time almost amount to unveiling the destined birth time. By the time parents try to choose the time of delivery — the pregnancy period is almost over and lot of planetary forces (as per karmic theory) have acted to deliver the baby at a destined time. In Astrological terms this is only an exercise to reveal the destined birth time — which is perhaps can best be fixed by the attending doctors. Medical experts themselves help to fix a span of time for delivery — the time fixed by astrologers is likely to be within that span.

Since cesarean deliveries have become common now for different reasons — such lixation of time is fitting in the play. What is suggested is to take advantage of the Vedic science to choose the time of conception, which will lead to a destined delivery time with powerful and sanctified planetary configuration.

Art of Conceiving :One has to understand the art of conception in this context. Sexual union, pregnancy and reproduction of human species are the essentials on which the world exits. The time of conception (Garbhadhaana) is very important and should be carefully planned.

The complexities of modern life strains everybody and there are concerns about the future whether it involves stability, improving or stabilizing deteriorating health, family planning, financial condition, social status, career, spiritual advancement, etc. For the prosperity of the family, it is necessary that healthy children be born into the family so that they develop themselves academically, professionally and spiritually. The medical sciences do help in treating the malfunctioning of health but astrology is a shade better as it helps one have a healthy child at the outset. A healthy child increases the family happiness while a sick child or a child with poor health lacks in his studies, etc. Such a child erodes the positive energies of the family. The divine science of astrology helps in identifying the problematic areas of one's life right a birth. This capacity of astrology can be applied for caring for a newborn right from the pre-natal stage. Now we shall discuss the manner in which we can ensure the birth of a child free from severe problems in life.

The main causes of sufferings in life are:-

* The weak natal planets including the badly placed and combust planets.
* The afflicted planets.
* The afflicted houses.
* The stationary position of slow moving planets at the time of birth resulting into evils at birth and congenital problems.

These can be controlled to a large extent with the proper application of the astrological principles in the following manner:


* Ensuring that the expected date of delivery does not coincide with the stationary movement of the slow moving planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter.
* Avoiding the ascending sign which turns the Sun into a functional malefic planet in case there are some planets which are in the state of combustion around the expected date of delivery.
* Choosing the right ascendant.
* Avoiding bad placement of the planets with reference to the ascendant.
* Avoiding the placement of the functional malefic planets and the most malefic planet near the most effective point of ascending degree. This is the least which one could and should do to avoid adversities in life.
* Selecting the proper time for delivery and electing to go in for a cesarean delivery.

For a smooth and comparatively happy life one should not hesitate in going for a cesarean delivery as this can save one from serious health problems in life, obstructions in education, professional setbacks, financial problems, etc.

The health is of the first and foremost concern to one and all. Shashthamsa (D-VI) is the divisional chart that is studied for analyzing the health, involvement in disputes and debts and the consequences, thereof along with the planet(s) becoming primary significator(s) of health in rasi and the general significator of health, Mars.

The primary significator(s) of health are the lords of the ascendant and/or the sixth house, containing mooltrikona sign(s). If both the ascendant and the sixth house do not contain a mooltrikona sign, then the Sun would be considered the primary significator of health.

To explain the matter further we shall take up a few case studies to demonstrate the results of the weak and/or afflicted planets in a chart.

Female born 22nd February 1957, 0300 hrs. 74E47 34N05, India.

The Moon is in its sign of debilitation. The most malefic planet, Venus, afflicts the most effective point of the third house and the sign Cancer placed in the ninth house. The functional malefic Mars closely afflicts the lord of the fourth house by way of an aspect. Rahu-Ketu axis is close to the most effective points of the twelfth and sixth houses and afflicts the second, fourth, eighth and tenth houses by close aspects. The affliction to the most effective point of the third house, the lord of the fourth house and the most effective point of the fourth house resulted in problems of health pertaining to the lungs manifesting in the form of tuberculosis. Pisces rises in the ascendant of shashthamsa and there is no planet in its sign of debilitation in shashthamsa. It started in the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Venus and continued to trouble the native. During the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Venus the native came to seek astrological remedies which were prescribed in the form of wearing of a Kavach for the functional benefic planets besides the use of a pearl and propitiatory remedial measures for the afflicting planets, Venus, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

In this case, too, a delay of about 30 minutes in the time of birth would have kept the affliction of Rahu and Ketu away from the most effective points, and the afflictions of Venus to the most effective points and of Mars to Saturn would not have been effective as both of these planets would have become functional benefic planets. Instead of bringing problems, the aspect of Mars to Saturn would have been good for earnings through foreign trade.
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Case Study

October 1976, 0535 hrs. 77E13 28N39, India.

The lord of the ascendant Mercury is well placed in the chart but is weak as it is combust and in the state of old age. Its placement in its sign of exaltation covers some amount of weakness. The functional malefic Saturn occupies the sign Cancer in the eleventh house and closely afflicts the most effective points of the eleventh house, ascendant, fifth and eighth houses. The Sun is afflicted due to the close affliction of Rahu-Ketu axis. The most malefic planet, Mars, exerts its close influence on the Moon. The affliction of the sign Cancer, the ascendant and the Moon resulted into pleurisy. The sign Aquarius rises in the ascendant of the divisional chart shashthamsa. Mars is in its sign of debilitation in shashthamsa. The astral remedies were sought when the medical treatment failed to give permanent satisfactory relief. The application of astral remedies increases the power/efficacy of the symptomatic treatment.

A postponement of birth time by about 30 minutes would have changed the ascendant reducing the number of functional malefic planets from five to three. The delay of 10 minutes would have created a longitudinal difference of more than five degrees between the most effective points of various houses and the functional malefic planet, Saturn. The birth in the ascending sign of Libra would have blessed the native with good status in life, good health and a long life.

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