Logic Codes

Logic Codes:  Every matter has its own characteristics and properties. A horse shoe has the activeness of a horse feeded in it. Melting point and boiling point of iron are some of the logic codes of the iron. A object contains thousands of logic codes. Logic code or characteristic code defines the nature of the object. The total occultism of the ancient world is based on this nature of the things. The modern science we know today describes some of the logic codes of a elements. Starting from the nature of the atomic particles to different nuclear and general chemical reactions are only a few properties of things, space and time. A logic code from one material is transmitted to other material when the material is under the influence of other for a long time, like a horse shoe. So a old horse shoe is better effective than a new one. The nature of the horse trapped in it, is called a logic code or causal codes.  A peacock feather has a logic of attraction. It attracts peoples and creatures towards it.  So Lord Krishna wore it in his crown. Yet to come*

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