Fulgurites are ideal for amplifying the power of prayers and intention, and are excellent for bringing increased consciousness, energy and vitality to the user.




Lightenning Pearl

Exogenic fulgurite Aawakens Kundalini Energy.
Fulgurites are glassy tubes formed as a result of lightening striking rock or sand. For this reason they are said to resonate with a powerful source of heat and electricity. Fulgurite is used as a tool for prayer and meditation. It arouses the kundalini energy and helps it to rise to inspirational heights, an awakening. The fulgurite can be used for manifesting and focus. Helps to clear clogged chakras as well. Fulgurites occasionally form as glazing on solid rocks sometimes referred to as an exogenic fulgurite. Exogenic fulgurites of all forms and combinations of forms were present on the surface of the ground surrounding the impact points of the lightning. They extended outward for an estimated radius of no more than a meter. Filaments with and without attached droplets were found to 13 cm in length. Individual and small groupings of this form were some of the most aesthetic specimens recovered from the find. A few of these were larger aggregates. Spinose and flagellated varieties of droplets, were relatively common as were small droplets that were roughly spherical. The droplets were mostly green in color and ranged in size from 1 mm to 3.5 cm.
Remedy Benefits of Fulgurite:
# Energizer
# Balances chakras
# Manifesting tool
# Awakens inner knowledge

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Fulgurites are not meteorites - they are the result of lightening striking the surface of the earth.)
Fulgurites (from the Latin Fulgur, lightening) are produced by lightening striking exposed surfaces.


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