Kundalini And Pyramid

Kundalini and Pyramid texts: Our 33 cores Gods are present in our brain and spinal cord in form Neurons in white matter. According to Tantras Kundalini resides in Muladhara Chakra at the tip of spinal chord. 

When mental concentration rises and mind becomes absolute thought free, Kundalini starts rising. Kundalini moving up from Muladhara to Anahata Chakra, shining like molten gold is known as Fire Kundalini; from Anahata to Vishuddha, as bright as a million suns, as Sun Kundalini; from Vishuddha centre to the end of Sushumna-nadi, lustrous as a million moons, as moon Kundalini. The aspect of Kundalini which is beyond Sushumna becomes ultra conscious, embracing all forms of sound and light.16 Kalas of Sri Krishna represents 100% activation of brain. General public uses only 15 to 20% of their brainpower. But the process of Samadhi in Yoga activates the on utilized parts of the Brain. Pyramid texts are engraved in hieroglyphics on the plateau of Saqqara. On the west wall of Saqqara kings chamber, the lost knowledge of star opening is present. First mouth should be opened with special arrangement and nostrils should be closed. After slight intoxication by herbal wine (as in Kularnava Tantra and Tibetan Book of Dead) concentrate on a imaginary solitary star (polestar) at two palm width from the center of eyebrow, so that the two eyes will bring about 2nd sight, a column bow (utterance 57 to 71). According to utterance 302, whenever a sharp pointed star gleans, it is because the two sets of nine spinal gods have purified in the Ursa Major which points Polestar, the solitary star which knows not swiping. Here solitary word Sah is the solitary star or Para Brahma (Ahum Sah and Sah Ahum). Utterance 460:  A concentration in  one-pointed state, so that they will achieve such, also because of be weeping the god. Utterance 461:  Atlantean will levitate  himself towards the Blue Void near you, O god-Star.

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