Kidney Stone

The scientific causes of kidney problems, of kidney stones, are usually a result of bodily dehydration. There are four different kinds of kidney stones. These stones are made up of the concentrate of substances usually found in urine. These are uric acid, phosphates, calcium, and oxalic acid. The size of the stones may vary from sand/gravel to the size of a bird's egg. These stones are made up of either calcium oxalate or phosphate. The phosphate varieties generally occur due to infections. Most of the stones, i.e., around 90% are composed of calcium as a principle ingredient. In a majority of cases, there is no obvious reason why a kidney stone has developed, but there are a few cases in which the cause is clear. For instance, in patients affected with chronic gout, high levels of uric acid are found in the blood, so that the acid crystallizes in the kidneys to form stones. A kidney infection may cause cells to be shed from the kidney lining forming a focus around which a stone may develop. People who live in hot climates and do not drink enough fluid/water may also end up with stones, because their urine becomes highly concentrated.

Coconut water is a good home remedy for burning urination and scanty urine. Regular intake also flushes out small particles of dissolved stones through urination.
Barley water can also be used for this purpose. Water melon: This contains good amount of water, and is also rich in potassium salts. It is a nutritive as well as a safe diuretic to be used in this condition. Onion decoction: Make the decoction by adding water to some bulbs of onion. Sugar should be added to it and taken.
The decoction prepared with Kulathi Dal is very useful. Soda water is also very useful if taken thrice daily after meals.

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