GEMSTONES ruled by Ketu include Cat's eye chrysoberyl, beryl, apatite, tourmaline and other yellow to greenish-brown gems which display a strong chatoyant "cat's eye" light reflection on the surface and often within the crystal when cabochon cut. These gems should also possess a high degree of transparency in order to properly transmit beneficial Ketu energy.




KETU (The "South Node" of the Moon)
Ketu is a mysterious planetary influence which, like Rahu, is malevolent and afflictive unless located in a powerful position or conjoined with a beneficent planet. Ketu governs theology, monastic life, crime and punishment, hidden enemies and dangers, and the occult. Unless correctly balanced, Ketu can cause poverty and other obstructions in one's life. Ketu is associated with suffering and the consequent aspiration for spiritual liberation.

In the first house - Emaciated figure, weak constitution, much perspiration, weak-hearted, slender, piles, sexual indulgence, diplomatic.

Second house - Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, peevish, hard-hearted, thrifty and economical.

Third house - Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular.

Fourth house - Quarrelsome, licentious, weak, fear of poisons.

Fifth house - Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral if afflicted.

Sixth house. - Fond of adultery, good conversationalist, licentious, venereal complaints, learned.

Seventh house - Passionate, sinful, connections with widows, sickly wife.

Eighth house - Senseless, obscure, dull, sanguine complexion, piles and similar troubles.

Ninth house - Short-sighted, sinful, untruthful, thrifty, many children, good wife.

Tenth house - Fertile brain, happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures.

Eleventh house - Humorous, witty, licentious, intelligent, wealthy.

Twelfth house - Capricious, unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to servile classes, much traveling, licentious, spiritual knowledge.

If Ketu is exalted one will be and wealthy and protected from evil. But if Ketu appears in a weak or harmful position in one's horoscope, one becomes prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature as well as compulsive gambling. INFRA-RED is the cosmic color transmitted by cat's eye gems. Infra-red color waves are the hottest of all the cosmic rays and are known to be useful in many chronic and terminal illness such as cancer and all forms of paralysis. Infra-red color also aids digestive problems and skin diseases. Ketu astral talismans can also enhance psychic powers, confer protection from hidden enemies, and avert dangers such as drowning, intoxication, and criminal punishment. Ketu is also said to bring good luck to gamblers (if well-placed).

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Influence of Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye / fibrolite cat's eye

If Ketu is well placed in your horoscope:
The influence will be toward spiritualism, intuition, universality, subtleness, and sensitivity. One will be wealthy and protected from evil.


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