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# Principal of Life #

Overall, karma operates to accelerate soul and soul group evolution, namely, the dissolution of each and every mind/body/spirit distortion to total realization of love-unity. Being "finished with karma" equates to completion of the long path of individuated light-spark soul progress, and occurs only with final fusion into the formless light of the One Infinite. Obviously, anyone who publicly claims such achievement is self-deluded.

Technically, this normally occurs late within what is called 7th density, which is akin to the achievement of "sat-chit-ananda" (truth-consciousness-bliss), the term used in the Hindu yogic system. It is comparable to the state of "avatara" and Buddha -- complete and perfect enlightenment. Of course, it can be achieved here in 3D, but again, it is exceptionally rare to find such a one on the world stage.

Karmic law is at the heart of all evolutionary catalysis, as the primary force behind increasingly higher dimensional progress and consciousness expansion of all souls. Of course, the specific forms of karmic expression (and this entire discussion) become increasingly subtle and harmonious above 3rd density life. This is beyond the current level of discussion, of course.

Essentially, the ultimate goal of love-unity realization requires dissolution of all fixed belief in substantial duality, and is accompanied by absolute mastery and freedom within all realms of the octave system. This can only be achieved when souls realize the true nature of all manifest catalyst to likewise be non-substantial (so-called "emptiness" or sunyata in the Buddhist system) and imbued with essential love (the quality of infinite light being absolute beneficence).

Such transmuted-being realization defines the operative parameters of attaining return to the condition of oneness with all Creation and all forms of life.

The existence of karmic law itself is an expression of boundless Logoic love, and its nature and function is to continually encourage realization of the underlying, immanent unity of all being and becoming. Bringing this down to personal life, we find continual activity of karmic law in human affairs.

Normally, karma is only recognized as such when its expression surpasses a certain threshold of energetic charge to the individual. However, this tendency to focus on that which indicates "contrast' (bound up with perception of conflict and complexity) fails to see and appreciate the greater bulk of karmic operation in personal life.

As the teacher Djwhal Khul once noted, souls have far more "good karma" than "bad," though most of us pay far more attention to the latter, as contrast, conflict and complexity capture attention far more rapidly than harmony. Nevertheless, this ‘negative focus’ is the norm simply because the internal condition of soul itself is absolute harmony -- thus the perception of non-harmony is internally incongruent with our true nature.

Of course, this innate harmony forms the subtle background-field against which all experience of apparent disharmony strikes a clear, discordant vibratory note. As the soul seeks to impress its own being upon the manifest body-mind-spirit (which is none other than itself, in final analysis), there is created a sort of non-echo in the soul-personality axis -- which is the esoteric cause of all spiritual seeking, in the first place.

More practically, most souls recognize the operation of karmic law only according to the dichotomous experience of pleasure/pain, and thus remain bound to the limitations of this bipolar view. No doubt, such shallow comprehension of karmic operation also ensures a limited ability to work with the law and process karmic experience.

Perceiving the operation of karmic law only when life-catalyst elicits a certain intensity of personal reaction, then placing it simply into a static categorization of pleasure/pain, indicates a somewhat early stage of realizing karmic process.

A more advanced view eliminates this polarity altogether, and helps us appreciate that all experience (whether pleasant or otherwise) serves the purpose of encouraging soul achievement of complete non-distortion. Such a view recognizes karmic law as an intrinsically impersonal universal force, and goes even further to acknowledges the existence of apparent causality itself but a perceptual 'trick' of limited mind development.

When consciousness is sufficiently enlightened by itself, apparent causality is resolved into complete omnipresent simultaneity. At that stage, souls are no longer bound by time-space and karmic law, and may enter the ranks of those who administer the operation of karma within such realms of apparent duality, an example of which is our 3rd dimension.

Furthermore, the distinction between "good karma" and "bad" is misleading because the determination of karmic law proceeds from levels of consciousness far beyond all such polarized judgement. Its practical operation really has little do with human conceptions of reward and punishment (as such deeper belief bases give rise to the "good/bad" dichotomy in the first place). Enormous confusion has been spawned by this particular interpretation, as evidenced by the distortions of all major religious teachings on heaven.

Plainly, the dispensation of soul and soul group karma is actually a morally neutral phenomenon. To the Logoi, there are no so-called "moral" valuations, only a straight recognition of metaphysical free will choice (that of the personality and its higher aspect which realizes the complete Path to be trod). Beyond this, the Logoi provide the needed structuring of the laws of Creation (one of which is karmic law) to encourage further soul progress according to soul decision.

From the evolutionary perspective of Logos and Higher Self (the primary agents of our overshadowing self-luminous intelligence), what souls choose to do in response to karmic outpouring is really the central issue -- not whether or not karmic down flow is deemed good or bad. The purpose of evolution and life itself is not enjoyment, though increased pleasure does result from wise soul choice along the path.

The Creator and Creation are not much interested in static rewards and punishment. What is achieved today may surely be reversed tomorrow, and what is useful catalyst to one soul may be absolutely invisible to another -- all of which is as it should be. In light of this, it is quite short sighted to define karma in terms of good/bad, or pleasure/pain.

As the central and most important outcropping of the Law of Free Will, the primary function of karmic law is to catalyze soul choice, first and foremost, and from the evolutionary purist view, simply and only for its own sake. As "the purpose of Creation is that the Creator may experience Itself," freely established choice is the primary nutriment that feeds the boundless divine experience. From this perspective as well, terms such as "good karma" and "bad" have little importance and no use.

Returning to the more mundane, but no less important consideration of personal human life, it should be known that most instances of above-threshold karmic operation classed along the "good/bad" continuum are simply a return to the sender of energies and tendencies previously set in motion by that soul itself. Prior acts of the evolving and reincarnating mind/body/spirit complex, the personal triadic web of the soul field in time-space set all individual karmic streams in motion, which provide the main working field of our own growth.

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