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Kamadhenu Mani


Kamadhenu was a wish-fulfilling divine cow. The king of the land had been visiting the hermitage and he had to be treated with a reception fitting the majesty of royalty. The sage requested the divine cow to oblige him by helping to arrange for a sumptuous lunch. Soon, the ceremonial lunch was ready. The sage treated the guests to a royal feast and all felt happy and contented.

"What a wonderful feast I had never tasted such fine meals even at the palace. And it is practically impossible to prepare such a festive meal at such a short notice even at the palace. How did you arrange this?", the king queried in surprise.

"O king! This is the grace of Kamadhenu. Lord Indra has sent this sacred cow to assist me. The cow can bestow any favours instantly. All these are her blessings."

According to the Hindu mythology, during the Samudra Manthan or the churning of the ocean of the universe; Kamdhenu came forth as one of the gifts. She was given to sage Vashistha. Kamdhenu is said to be the mother of all the cows and it is said that all the 330 million gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology resided in her. Hence, she is holier than the deities themselves. She is a miraculous cow, who was until then, a resident of the heavens. She is known to give plenty to those who were in dire need.

This is a great wealth of gods. This mani contains the wish fulfilling attitude of Kamdhenu. So it will fulfill your wish. Price $1200.

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