Kali, Siva & Time Machine

Kali, Siva and Time-machine: Goddess Kali is perhaps the most misunderstood and misrepresented Hindu Deity. For the last few generations, films and literature, both in the West and in India, have often portrayed Kali as evil and effectively spread negative propaganda against Hindus and Hinduism through this. Despite this, Goddess Kali is respected and worshipped by many Hindus from many different backgrounds. This article takes us beyond the misconceptions about Kali and explains the philosophy and imagery behind Goddess Kali and the lessons we can learn about ourselves and the nature of the universe from her.

Kali represents energy and Siva represent Time (Mahakala. Time is always  the ruler. So energy is dissipated in the course of  time. This is the masculine principle. When energy is maximized, time slows down. This is representation of Kali standing over Siva. This is the fundamentals of time machine. So energy is inversely proportional to time. There are many ways to construct a Time machine. These portals can vary in height, width, or by the materials in which they are constructed with. They can be made into an Orgone Accumulator, or into a large electromagnet which is built in the form of a Mobius Coil. This is the schematic of a hyper dimensional resonator.

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