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Secrets Of Holy Lamp

Secrets of Holy Lamp:  In the holy Bible it is written that do not invite God in the absence of light. Similarly in the book of Zoroaster it is said that higher gods manifest in fire. In Hinduism a Diya should be of prescribed shape.  The oil and wick   should be clean otherwise it would create deadly diseases in the family. Lamp Technology- Deepak or lamp is taken as Brahma swoop in our Indian culture. In Christian community lamp takes the shape of a candle. But Indian system is unique. Here we will discuss the chateristics of a lamp or a Deepak.

Container and the stand – Container and the stand represents house of the person. If the container and stand are strong , neat and beautiful house. To rectify the vast defects container made of gold silver, tri metal, copper, and solidified Mercury lamp stunned with gems is the best. This gives prosperity to the home. Big lamps confers big buildings or mansions. Very small lamps are bad for the house. For different rituals the container is made up of wheat a different seed pastes. For the Tantrum victuals of Mahan kali in the left hand principal a skull is used as a container of lamp. This type of lamps has a strong logic code of detachment and knowledge. Container stands for 4th house of horoscope.

Fuel- In than lamp signify 1st and 2nd house of a horoscope. Good oil or ghee boosts the health and the financial factor. Best oil is till oil and best ghee is cow ghee. A lamp full of oil shows good financial condition (quality-2nd house). Clean oil shows good health (quality-1st house). Oil polluted by evil things such as insects, dust and fibers gives bad result to health (malts in 1st house). Scented oils are good for finance (venues in 2nd). Facts of different animal ire human (Saturn) is used in different victuals of Tanta.

Week- week should be made of fine threads of cotton. They should be washed 4 times by water. Generally old number of threads also depends on the letters of the sp-ell of the deity to whom lamp is offered. Treads of silk, fivers of lotus stem, fevers Ark etc can be used as a week of special purpose. Many no. of threads boosts the general property and health.

Wick mover- Shape is given in the figure. Such wick mover gives professional success.

Flame - Flame towards East: Prosperity
South - East: fear from five
South: Death
South - West: diseases like epilepsy
West - Peace
North - West: poverty
North: escape from danger
North – East: general good health
Some great calamity comes if the lamp extinguishes even though there is lots of balance of strong wind. A lamp burning for 24 hours is one rotation of earth will bless you. This blessing comes from Pirtruloka.

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