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Hollow earth Theory

Hollow earth theory: Our earth is hollow. Do you believe ? There is a theory that Earth may be hollow. The story is more than 5,000 years old. There have been some very strange sea animals entering the surface including new sharks, rays, and seagulls. They have never been seen before. Earthquakes also give evidence that the outer core is liquid. S-waves are never detected in certain regions of the earth--a shadow zone. Since S-waves don't propagate through liquid, a liquid layer must be forming this shadow. The size of the liquid layer can be determined by the size of the shadow . Thus the magma flowing out of volcano, comes out from the outer layer of earth just below the surface. Admiral bird traveled through the hole in the north pole by his plane as shown above. Some say its Agartha, the land of higher species or Siddhas. In our Orissa people say there is a cave network attached to the 56 crore Bhandaras of lord Jacanas like the Solomon's mine.

In the holy Bible, Adam and Eve, after being driven from the Garden of Eden by God for partaking of the forbidden fruit, they were told to dwell in the Cave of Treasures, where they got lost. When they finally found their way out, the sun that came up in the morning was different than the soft sun light that shown in the Garden of Eden. This new sun burned them. Our hotter, harsher sun that shines on the outside of our world, is different from that sun that shines in the Garden of Eden. For further Refer to The Phantom of the Poles and A Journey to the Earth's Interior. In India sacred sites are closely linked to this under world.

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