Timing of gods

God and their timings- Different longer days and constellation have there one god presiding over them. The fact behind is that our consciousness differs from a day to other day due to electro magnetic effects of planets, consideration, state light, comments etc in
Particular times of a day or a month our consciousness recounts with shorten paranormal, logical, controlling, entities are worshiped.

(Matching the frequency of your brain with the frequency of the entities) on that particular day. Resonance of waves occurs and different factor of life is improve
Their by.

Know lets see the gods resounding the different lunar days and the results gained.

1) Fire god satisfied by Agni hotra (fire sacrifice) or sacrificing sacred objects.
This type of worship gives is immense wealth. Three faced ( Teen Mukhi) rudraksh can
Be worn on this day.

2) Creator Brahma is the god satisfied by satisfying Brahmins (Intellectuals of high spiritual discipline). Brahma gives great knowledge .Four faced (Char Mukhi) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

3) Great god Kuber presides over it. By worshipping him one gets great wealth and success in commercial under takings.

4) Lord Gnash resonates on this frequency. Worshipping him on this day destroy all obstacles. Eight faced (Asta Mukhi ) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

5) Worshipping Nagas on this day bless one with good sun wife. Goddess of wealth is also pleased by this. Seven faced (Sapta Mukhi) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

6) Lord Kartikey is the controller of this day. Worshipping him on this day bless one with long life beauty wisdom and fame. Sixth faced (Shasta Mukhi) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

7) Worshipping Citravanu a form of Sun God on this day protects us from danger. Twelve faced (Dwadasha Mukhi) can be worn on this day.

8) Worshipping Sada Siva on this day bless one with knowledge and spiritual glow on the body. Single faced (Ek Mukhi) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

9) Worshipping goddess Durga on this day bless one with victory over enemy and powerful willpower.

10) Worshipping god of death ( Yama) on this day cures diseases and avoids death and protect one from going to lower word.

11) Worshipping Biswa Deva on this day blessed one with wealth, property, and children. Fourteen faced ( Chaturdash Mukhi) rudraksh can be worn on this day.

12) Worshipping universal preserver Vishnu on this day makes one great and lighted as Sun God. Ten faced ( Dash Mukhi) rudraksha can be worn on this day.

13) Worshipping Kamadeva on this day makes one beautiful and fulfills ones wishes . He unites your lover with you and cofers a beautiful wife or husband. Thirteen faced ( Trayodash Mukhi) rudraksha can be worn on this day.

14) Worshipping Sada Siva , the god of destruction confers great wealth and good sons. Five faced (Panch mukhi) rudraksha can be worn this day.

15) full moon – worshipping the great god moon on this day confers power to have control over this world. He never perishes.

New moon- Worshipping dead ancestors of pitre on this day confers long life wealth children and strength..

Now we will discuss about the lord of constellation.

Aswini- Worshipping Aswini kumar ( divine doctor) on this day gives long life and good health.

Bharani- Worshipping lord of death Yama on Bharani star avoids accidents and death.

Kritika- Worshipping fire god by fire sacrifice on this star bless one with good results of all works.

Rohini- Worshipping creator Brahma on this star fulfill all wishes .

Mrigasira- Worshipping moon god on this star confers victory .
Purna basu- Worshipping aditi on this star protects one from all dangers like a mother.

Pushya- Worshipping Jupiter on this star makes one extremely intelligent and gives result of good deeds.

Aslesha- Worshipping Nagas , the supreme of snake , one become fearless.

Magha- Worshipping pitre on this star by Havya and Kabya , confers food grains , sons and servants.

Purba Phalguni- Worshipping pusha on this star confers victory.

Uttar Phalguni- Worshipping Bhaga ( a form of sun god) on this star by flowers confers good bright groom , wealth, beauty and victory .

Hasta- Worshipping Sun by sandalwood and flowers confers all kinds of wealth.

Chitra- Worshipping twasta on this star confers lands and estates.

Swati- Worshipping air god on this star confers super natural power.

Visakha- Worshipping Indra agni on this star confers wealth and physical lustre

Anuradha- Worshipping mitra on this star with red flowers confers wealth and very long life.

Jyesth- Worshipping Indra on this star makes you superior by nature, wealth and work.

Mula- Worshipping Pitre or ancestral gods confers heaven for all times to come.

Purba Asadha- One who worship water god ‘apa’ on this star becomes free from all physical and mental worries .

Uttar Asadha- Worshipping Viswa Deva on this star by flowers gets everything what one wants.

Sravan- Worshipping Vishnu on this star by blue, white,yellow confers wealth and victory.

Dhanistha- Worshipping Ashta ‘Vasu’ on this star , one becomes totally fearless from every type of fear.

Satavisha- One who worships ’Indra’ the king of gods becomes free from all diseases , and gets good health and wealth.

Purba Vadra- One who worships Param Brahma on this star, gets great devotion and victre.
Uttarbhadra- Worshipping Ahirbudhnya on this star confers great peace.

Revati- One who worships god pusha on this star gets good result in life. He also gets landed property and victory.

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