Gemstones & their Effect

Gemstones and their effect:  Gemstones have a great power with them to change our destiny as said in Garuda Purana. Even the charge storing ability of a capacitor varies near gemstone facing it.  Gemstones or Crystals placed inside long copper tubes creates hole in the cloud. Some says due to regular atomic stricture the frequency of each atom is in a resonance to create a great effect. even the charge storing ability of gemstones increases if a gemstone is placed near it.  Form the ancient ages all Kings queens and others used it to get good luck in different matters. From time immemorial people have used Gems in different ways. It has Curative Powers as well as the power to pour in Fortune and drive away the evils of our Planetary Position. Certain gems and stones have magical powers of healing and fortune giving. Gems have made life happier to many individuals. These are widely used to get benefit from the planets as little gems carry never ending source of rays of the planet and continue even after years.                                                                                      Every Gemstone has a History of its own like Emeralds are often worn by Ancient Egyptians to get all kinds of Happiness and Prosperity. In Egypt occult texts  are written in emerald tablets. They are called Emerald Tablets Of Herms. Appropriate care should be taken while choosing a particular Gemstone. To get it click here. Hematite: As far back as ancient Egypt, Hematite was used to reduce inflammation and treat hysteria. In his NATURALIS HISTORIA, the Roman writer Pliny cites Hematite as a powerful talisman that could obtain a favorable response to petitions when the wearer appeared before the king. Malachite: King Solomon extracted this gem as a copper byproduct from his fabulous mines and became wealthy as a result. Turquoise: Tradition says that Isaac, the son of Abraham, was the first to open the Persian Turquoise mines. Some scholars believe that the gem was one of the precious stones that comprises the foundation of the New Jerusalem. Amethyst:  Amethyst is the most beautiful form of quartz. The word Amethyst stems from a Greek word meaning "without drunkenness". For in ancient times it was believed that anyone carrying or wearing this stone could not become intoxicated. Perhaps the Greeks were aware of the soothing effect of its rich, purple color, for they believed it had the ability to help control the temperament. The 7th stone which the sage Iachus gave to Appolonius, Amethyst represented piety and dignity. The early Rosicrucians saw the stone as an emblem of divine sacrifice, since the color was considered a sign of suffering, passion and hope. The legend of Amethyst is the source of many of the healing qualities which have come to be identified with the stone. Amethyst is often referred to as the "Bishop's Stone" because a ring set with this gem is still worn today by the Bishops of the Catholic Church. Coral: According to Plato, children who wear coral about the neck will be protected from disease. Coral is said to aid in the circulation of the body and to enrich the blood. Emerald is considered as the Magus stone and it is associated with occult traditions such as divination, prophetic dreams and love charms, but also with Christian culture: indeed, emerald is one of the gems adorning the Pope’s tiara. Diamond symbolizes endless strength and eternal goodness, but in the Middle Ages, it was also feared as a means to acquire evil powers. Sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity and constancy. It was believed to protect the wearer against capture by an enemy, and to win the favor of princesses. To get them go to products page. Contact us or Email:info@occulttreasures.com

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