Amitabachan wearing two blue sapphire in the middle finger.

Lalu Prasad Yadv wearing a Ruby

Ruby is a stone of power. Ruby, the king of the gemstones. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler. ruby, the king of the gemstones. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler.



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Gems are the most precious gift of God to Mankind. In ancient times, people treated Gems as Gods. People of Peru worshipped a large Ostrich Egg Shaped Emerald as their God. Similarly, Hebrew Priests have a Breast Plate fitted with 12 gems. Egyptian store Gems in their Tombs to protect them from Cyclones and Natural Disasters. From time immemorial Gems have been used by people in different ways. It has Curative Powers as well as the power to pour in Fortune and drive away the evils of our Planetary Position. Certain gems and stones have magical powers of healing and fortune giving. Gems have made life happier to many individuals. These are widely used to get benefit from the planets as little gems carry never ending source of rays of the planet and continue even after years. Every Gemstone has a History of its own like Emeralds are often worn by Ancient Egyptians to get all kinds of Happiness and Prosperity. They are called Emerald Tablets Of Herms. Appropriate care should be taken while choosing a particular Gemstone. 
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Lata Mangeshkar with a Emerald Ring.

Hollywood star Angelina with Emerald Emerald, the green variety of the mineral beryl, is the most famous and favored green gemstone. Its beautiful green color, combined with durability and rarity, make it one of the most valuable gemstones. All these beautiful gems are with us.

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