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The Gandharvas are important spirits of Indian Mythology. They are half-man and half-bird and are friendly towards human beings. There is controversy over their origin. Some texts advocate that they are directly descended from Brahma while others say that they are the children of the sage Kasyapa.

The first Gandharva had knowledge of divine truths and was appointed by the Gods to prepare and be guardian of the celestial soma juice. This initial ancestor may have symbolized the fire of the sun. His descendants are the guardians of amrita (ambrosia). They are also famed for their prowess as healers and are proficient in medicine. Gandharvas are supposed to have splendid cities of their own somewhere in the universe but they are usually found in Indra’s heaven Vaikunth. There, together with the Apsaras (celestial nymphs), they sing and dance and play their musical instruments entertaining everyone.

The Gandharvas are known to haunt the air, forests and mountains of the earth. They are mischievous and often fool people with their illusions which they work at the time of twilight. Very occasionally they have been known to fight humans but only in cases where the humans were evil.

The Gandharvas have serious rivalry with the Nagas (serpents) whose netherworld kingdom they conquered and plundered. On that occasion the Nagas sought the help of Vishnu who descended to Patala (the nether region kingdom of the Nagas) in the form of the river Narmada and swept away the Gandharva army thus driving them out. The Gandharvas are partial to women and are famed for their powers over them.

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