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Free Will

# Power within you #

Theosophy posits One, Eternal, Immutable, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient principle, pervading the entire universe. It is the Causeless Cause, the Rootless Root of all that was, is or shall be. It has two polarities—Purusha, Prakriti; Spirit, Matter. This one Reality manifests in the universe as Law—Law of periodicity, Law of cycles, Law of Karma. The whole universe exists for the evolution and emancipation of the soul. All souls are emanations from the Universal Over-Soul—itself an aspect of the Unknown Root. We have been through all forms of matter and acquired experience through the elemental, mineral, vegetale and animal kingdoms up to the stage of man. Evolution proceeds by natural impulse up to the human stage. When man arrives on the scene, evolution is no more propelled by natural impulse as man's free will overrides his natural instinct.

Man, endowed with the light of mind by the Solar Angels, has the power to think and choose. Hence, for humanity, evolution proceeds only by one's own individual efforts. There are no special gifts or favours bestowed on anyone, except what one acquires through one's self-choice and effort. Man is dual—permanent in his higher aspect and evanescent in his lower aspect, i.e., immortal in his higher nature and perishable in his lower, or, individuality and personality.

Now by "psychic" individuality we mean that self-determining power which enables man to override circumstances. Place half a dozen animals of the same species under the same circumstances, and their action while not identical, will be closely similar; place half a dozen men under the same circumstances and their actions will be as different as their characters, i.e., their psychic individuality.

What is instinct? It is the acquired knowledge and experience of a whole hierarchy of beings acting in the individual being, of which that being is unconscious. Does a woodpecker know why it does what it does? No. Each woodpecker has the whole knowledge of its tribe; likewise all animals have the knowledge of their families, and so on through all the kingdoms of Nature below man. Instinct in the animal is the unconscious expression by the individual of the accumulated knowledge of the race to which it belongs.

The 18th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita describes what happens when a person functions from the plane of unity, instead of duality: "Wherever Krishna, the supreme Master of devotion, and wherever the son of Pritha, the mighty archer, may be, there with certainty are fortune, victory, wealth, and wise action; this is my belief." In other words, one has "an intuitional perception of one's being the vehicle of the manifested Avalokiteshwara or Divine Atman (Spirit)" (Raja-Yoga or Occultism). To achieve this man has to master his

(1) Sarira—body; (2) Indriya—senses; (3) Dosha—faults; (4)Dukkha—pain; and is ready to become one with his Manas—mind; Buddhi—intellection, or spiritual intelligence; and Atma—highest soul, i.e., spirit. When he is ready for this, and, further, to recognize in Atma the highest ruler in the world of perceptions, and in the will, the highest executive energy (power), then may he, under the time-honoured rules, be taken in hand by one of the Initiates.

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