Flint Arrow

                    A very hard but brittle, glassy, grey or black stone. Magically it represents the powers of elemental Earth and Fire and has been used for thousands of years to create sparks for fire lighting. Prehistoric man knapped flint into axes and arrowheads and these relics, especially the delicate and beautiful arrowheads, have been known for centuries as 'Elf Shot'. Can be used to banish anything you want removed from your life such as illness, addiction, or ill wishes. Cuts through fear, enchantments and the bonds that tie you to the past. Can be used as a protective 'weapon' when undertaking a dangerous spiritual quest or astral journey. A belief which probably stems from the European idea that elf-shot protect domestic animals. Jupiter (mythology) was once worshiped in the form of a flint stone. Even it cures disease if you dip the arrow head in water and drink it.

                  In the British Isles and in parts of Europe, farmers had found flint arrowheads and other tools in their fields. Many believed that these were magic weapons made by elves and used by them to injure cattle. These stone tools were called elf-shot, elf-arrows or elf-bolts. Purchase real flint arrowhead here. Price 45$

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